Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Baby Bucket List

So, before we get scolded for the title of this post, I would just like to say this is just an aspirational list. If the things on this list aren't completed, that is O.K. for us. That just means it was the right timing. We know at any time, it would be a blessing to have a baby and that it just might be possible to do half, or even more than half of these things on the list WITH a baby, but let's face it - it's much easier and cheaper to do without one. Plus, I do enjoy just husband and wife time. I know once we do decide to have a child, it will be mommy and baby all the time.... Ha ha, okay, okay, of course I'll include Matt. After all, he will come in handy for diaper changes. ;)

Anyways, what made us come up with this "Baby Bucket List" is for the mere fact that we've been having a slighhhhhht case of baby fever following us. I've been on and off that baby train quite a few times throughout the past year to year and a half. Matt, on the other hand, hasn't been on the train......until recently. So, we talked about things we wanted to maybe accomplish, see, or do before it does come the time to have a child. Once this list has been either more than half-way completed or all the way completed, then it will be baby-making time. Until then, we will enjoy our life together; just the two of us.
Plus, it would be pretty awesome if we could be a little bit closer to family so we're able to celebrate with them.

With further ado, here is our list in no particular order:

1 Create an online blog about our life and our baby bucket list progress Completed: 02/08/11
2 Take a vacation on the opposite side of the world
3 Go on a cruise
4 Go to a Raven's football game   Completed: 11/25/12
5 Skydive   Completed:  02/02/13
6 Pay off our Nissan Car    Completed: 09/29/15
7 Scuba-dive or snorkeling  Completed: 08/27/11
8 Feed a giraffe
9 Pay off credit card
10 See the Hover Dam
11 Spend a week vacationing in the Bahamas, Hawaii or somewhere that's tropical  Completed: 09/04/12
12 Take a surf lesson
13 Para-sailing
14 Rock climb indoors  Completed: 03/05/11
15 Learn to speak Italian
16 Attend a T.V. show: The Ellen Show Completed: 05/16/12
17 Jump off a cliff into a natural body of water in an exotic location
18 Try deep sea fishing  Completed: 11/17/12
19 Attend a concert  Completed: 06/17/11
20 Be a contestant on 'The Amazing Race'
21 Go to Vegas again before moving from California to see a show  Completed: 10/21/11
22 Put $100 down on blackjack at a casino  Completed: 03/21/11
23 Try to snowboard
24  Run Races:
           Complete a 10k  Completed: 04/02/11
           Complete a half-marathon  Completed: 11/30/14
           Complete a marathon  Completed: 11/29/15
25 Go white water rafting
26 Write a kids book with pictures even if it never gets published
27 Learn how to crochet
28 Learn how to sew
29 Go skinny dipping at night
30 Make out under a waterfall  Completed: 09/04/12
31 Catch a ride in a hot air balloon
32 Visit all 50 states
33 Visit the Grand Canyon
34 Go Ice skating in New York at Rockefeller Center
35 Go to the shooting range again   Completed: 11/05/11
36 Buy bikes and ride them around the neighborhood  Completed: 08/23/14
37 Ride in a helicopter
38 Go to a nude beach
39 Visit Niagara Falls
40 Finish CNA school  Completed: 05/20/11
41 Decide if Nursing is for me  Completed: 05/19/11
42 Stand at the four corners
43 Chill in a piano bar  Completed: 10/27/12
44 Do a wine tour
45 Make the Mr. breakfast in bed (for all the many times he's done this for me, he deserves it)  Completed: 06/11/11
46 Buy/make more decorative stuff for the house  Completed:  07/29/12
47 Try to donate blood (if my body temperature lets me!!)
48 Take hikes:
            Hosp Grove Trail Completed: 02/12/11
             Lake O'Neil  Completed: 09/23/11
             Mt. Woodson  Completed: 06/23/12
             Pitons   Completed: 09/05/12
49 Hang around LA for the day  Completed: 02/20/11
50 Warner Bros. Studios Tour
51 Actively pray for my husband and our marriage daily  Completed: 04/24/11
52 Attend the Macy's Thanksgiving parade & see the lighting of the tree
53 Write a will
54 Get a job  Completed: 01/09/12
55 Get a professional camera Completed: 07/03/11
56 Finish our first year marriage and dating scrapbooks
57 Put together a cute flower arrangement for the house Completed: 03/03/11
58 Buy a home    Completed: 04/24/13
59 Go to a couple's spa  Completed: 10/23/11
60 Ride a jet ski
61 Adopt a dog  Completed: 07/22/13
62 Go Zip-lining   Completed: 08/31/12
63 Play music really loud in the house while we're cleaning and dancing silly  Completed: 05/21/11
64 Buy a motorcycle and take a few rides
65 Hike up to the Hollywood sign  Completed: 02/20/11
66 Go to a few sports games
     San Diego Chargers football game Completed: 09/25/11
     Baltimore Ravens football game  Completed: 11/25/12
     Baltimore Ravens HOME football game Completed: 10/11/15
67 Go to a beer factory Completed: 10/13/12
68 Dye my hair a different color just because Completed: 09/17/11
69 Hang out around Coronado Island   Completed: 09/22/11
70 Explore the USS Midway   Completed: 03/05/11
71 Pay off Best Buy credit card    Completed: 03/21/12
72 Buy a new desktop  Completed: 02/15/11
73 Take a family vacation 
      North Carolina Annual Beach House with the Lacey's Completed: 07/05/14
      Maryland with the Paoletti's Completed: 10/09/15

I figure I will keep coming back to this post to track our progress and to cross things off as we complete them. This way we can tell where we're at :)
* You can click on the word "completed" to check out the post.

Completed so far: 41/73 = 56%


  1. I've always wanted to ride in a Hot air Balloon!! I hope you do these items fast!! :)

  2. Wow, that is a big list. I am glad you have a lot of expectations. It says a lot about a person. I know you can complete most of your list since you are a person that stick to a your word. I could help you with #26 and Matt could help you with #27. He does know how to crochet.

  3. You have done a lot already! We miss you!

    Kristin Haffner