Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three Year Anniversary

Well, has it been busy around here for me. I started up my school, I have doctor appointments, and tomorrow orientation all day for my job, then start regular working hours for it.  I have to admit, I slacked on the gym this past week.. but I hope to pick it up again really soon. I also am trying to finish up my husband's next care package so I can mail it out this week. They take such a long time for him to get them, this last one has been about 17 days already!
But, enough of this.. onto the post at hand.

It's mine and my husband's 3 year anniversary. I feel like him and I have come so far in these past 3 years. It's our first anniversary that we have had to spend apart and it does break my heart. I woke up in bed this morning, and just wished I could have woke up to him and I telling each other happy anniversary face to face.. instead, I just quietly said "happy anniversary" out-loud to him hoping wherever he is in that great sea out there, that he could hear/feel it.  During these past 3 years, we have dealt with a lot, good and bad, but no matter what -- in the end we truly do love each other more than anything and would do just about anything for each other.

This past week, and especially today, I have been thinking back on the day he asked me to marry him, and then the day we decided we were going to have a small private courthouse wedding at my parents house. It was so sweet to just have his parents, his eldest brother, and my parents to witness something so special. I still remember how nervous I was, but mainly out of excitement and how calm he was. When he recited his vows to me, it brought tears to my eyes because I knew then - we would always be together and he meant every single word being said.
I love his smile you can see off the corner of his mouth..

Then a year later after that, we had our big wedding at the church/reception. It was nice to have a formal wedding where we could share it with friends and family. We had such a blast, that we didn't want it to end.

No matter what life will throw at us, as long as we are in it together, we can take on anything.  I love you so much, Matthew. I hope to hear from you soon.. it feels like it's been too long. Please stay safe out there. I can't wait until we are able to be together again. I miss you and I love you.... always.

 First year anniversary shot

Second year anniversary shot

(It's a tradition that we made up.. each anniversary we take a shot.) So, today I'm going to go buy a shot to carry on that tradition even if we aren't able to do it together.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Two Months

Yesterday was our two month mark in this deployment. Man, does that feel good! I'm happy that the progress has been going at a steady pace, and I can only imagine when I start up school and my job soon that I will feel I have barely anytime between that and going to the gym 5x a week, working on care packages, writing letters each day, and occasionally hanging out with my good friend Sarah. You know what I say to all of that? BRING IT ON!

So far, I am on track for my new years resolution of going to the gym 5x a week. I always feels great after a work-out.
Today the Ravens played against the Texans and I'm proud to say that we won 20-13!!! That means Ravens are going to the conference championship up against the Patriots; which, I must I admit I am a little bit nervous about because the Patriots have played well too but on top of that, they have won 3 super bowls in the past 4 years! I say it's time for a change up.. so I really hope we win that game next Sunday.

Matt in Nov 2011

Me, today wearing his jersey!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quick To The Point

I got a job! I'm excited that I am making the first step into my new career. It's quite exciting and nerve-wrecking too. It's just a lot to take in, but I'm ready for the experience that is going to come along with it. I'm happy I will be back into the workforce after taking time off.

I had my interview yesterday, I was interviewed twice within the same day and then hired on the spot. I didn't expect it to happen all that quick, but pleased that the process is over with. Who would have thought the first place I would apply to, I would get a call from just a few short days later and then hired? Not me.. I guess timing is everything.

Once I left the place, I wanted to call my husband badly to tell him about it or just go show up at his work but unfortunately that couldn't happen :( It's those little moments that you really miss your significant other.

I also knocked out two birds with one stone... Get a job was on my New Years List and Our Baby List

Friday, January 6, 2012


YES! We are 25% finished with this current deployment. I couldn't be more thrilled about that. I have a countdown to track the percentage/days and I was so happy when I woke up this morning to read that number.

Twenty-five percent, 1/4, a quarter.... 25%!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolutions

The day before New Years Day is always a good time to reflect on the past year. Then the next day, is a good time to sit back and think of what you would like to accomplish this year, be, and become. I think it's important to set goals for yourself so you have something to live by, even if it's just for that year. It helps you achieve your maximum potential in life.

So, I have 9 goals this year that I hope I'm able to accomplish and a few of them are:

Get a CNA job.
Work out at least 5 times a week.
Find a new hobby.

Do you set goals or new years resolutions for yourself each year? If so, what is yours this year?

P.S. I see my husband this year!!!