Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Past Six Months

Well, a lot has happened in the past six months, so much that I feel it's easier to sum up with pictures instead of words.

My job is going great! I enjoy being an activity assistant CNA and interacting with the residents. I plan on staying here until graduating with my RN degree years from now.

We adopted a dog - his name is Rusty. He was 9 months when we got him. He now is 1 year and 3 months. He is supposedly an australian shepherd mix. We think he is a lab mixed with something but don't know quite yet. He is a handful at times… we're trying to train him. He is able to do tricks such as roll over, lay down, speak, praise, sit, stay, give the paw, high five, and be quiet. Although, the quiet one is rare.  We are training him how to play dead next. He enjoys playing with the neighborhood dogs by running around and chasing each other. He is friendly with all dogs and loves the dog park.

Visited my grandfather for the first time since he passed. His stone was not there yet.

We did a lot of updating of our home inside and out.  On the outside, in the front,  we removed the front landscaping and adding in our design with new plants and flowers. In the back, we planted flowers on one side of the fence and in the back wall we added a row of bushes that will grow tall to allow privacy and reduce sound from the road beside us. Our next step is to add flowers on the other side of the fence. On one side of our house, we removed the grass and added in some flowers with mulch. We plan on removing the other side and lay down rocks. Also, along the back porch, we added a rock border.
A major change to the yard, is grass! When we moved in, there was no grass. That was the first thing we put in after the landscaping.
Front of the house before and after. The front porch is now all painted white. 

The back is hard to see where we planted the flowers along the side of the fence from the angle I took. 

The inside we hung up pictures, changed a few minor details. Nothing too major. Once all that was completed, we had our house warming party and it was a hit!

Matt went to school full time and I started school as well to finish up my RN degree. We both finished this semester with A's! Next semester is soon to start in about 1.5 weeks

Signed up for Origami Owl - find me at

My brother in law got engaged and they had finally had their bridal shower. 

Spent time with family out of state and family that lives close by.

Celebrated Brittany's Bachlorette Party

Ran the Neon Run - it was horrible.

Hubby had to have surgery to get his appendix removed

Celebrated my brother-in-law and Brittany's Wedding! They became the NEWEST Mr. & Mrs. Lacey
This picture is taken with my youngest brother-in-law, James

Us four girls can be trouble

The cousins

Hubby and I

my newest sister in law

The cousins again

Sisters with the mother

They became husband and wife!

Matt and I at the reception

Family picture

Celebrated my best friend, Trisha's bridal shower and bachelorette party

My best friend, Trisha got married

Their reception was just too cute

Run Nona 5k - awesome!

Thanksgiving with family

We grew pepper plants in the backyard. This is our first picked green pepper

Ran our first race together at the Reindeer Run Seaworld as a couple; also made my best time of 25:40 5k

For Christmas we both received a marathon and half-marathon ticket to the Space Coast Marathon from my parents

Our house lit up for Christmas

Since moving home, we have not regretted any decision making. We enjoy being close to family! We look forward to what the next year will bring us! Farewell 2013; 2014, We greet you.