Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Behind On Drafts

Well, I was going through all the posts and looking to count exactly how many packages I really did send and I saw I had this draft post. It was all the way back in January from when I mailed off Matt's New Year's package. I guess I never made it "LIVE" until.. well today. Lol, it's a bit old - but, what the hell!

A few items

 This box was mostly things from home that he forgot or wanted.

  I'm glad he was able to get the package so soon, almost 2 weeks before New Years.. I can't believe it! I thought it would take longer, but probably because they are at port, it caught up quick.

Hipp-ity Hopp-ity, I'm Late On This Post!

Well, I have been so busy that I forgot to post the Easter care package I put together for Matt. He received it a couple days after Easter, unfortunately but that's okay because it's the  thought and  candy that matters :)

 Yes, this would be me spoiling him.

 It started with 2 boxes, and I added a 3rd.

 Cutest little chinese easter baskets. (Found at dollar tree)

 Inside I just added a bunch of different candies.

 Easter wouldn't be Easter without some eggs filled with jelly beans, of course. (Dollar tree eggs)

 Cute dollar tree bags with chicks and bunnies on them, I added random candies to them

 Different chocolate candies.

 Sour gummy candies

 Easter marshmallows

 Butterfly clothespin I made. So easy to do. Just take a plastic baggy and fill it with something light, then decorate a clothes pin and cut pipewire. Hot glue the pipe wire to the side of the clothes pin and wah-la. (pipe wire/clothes pin at Joann's or Michael's)

 All the pretty and colorful butterflies.

 Box 1

 Box 2

 And last but not least, box 3 -- Hubby's personal box.

Well, there you have it.  And I finally mailed off the last and final box for Matt this afternoon. That made box #16!! It was a bittersweet moment just because I really do enjoy making these for him and thinking of new themes and knowing this will brighten up his day and a few others on the ship with him, but I really much rather him be home so we can continue making memories together! 
But, you know the drill - I'll write about the package I sent to him whenever he receives it… probably 3 weeks or so from now.

Monday, April 23, 2012

What Does 75 Mean To You?

In this case, 75 to me, means 75% finished with this deployment!!!! Hallelujah, I feel so much closer to him coming home. I cannot believe we only have a quarter left to go and we all know how fast that first quarter went.
Of course that's not the date he's coming home, I don't think it will be until after his birthday

.75, 75%, 3/4, seventy-five, 75 ---- either way, I am completely good with. Hurry up June!  Although, I'll settle for May too in just 8 days. I am super packed in May with appointments, events, and school plus work that I know that month will come and go before I know it.

Matt seems to be doing well, he's ready to come home more than ever and we are so looking forward to our vacation getaway! It is going to be awesome!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Five Months

That's right.. I said it.. 5 months! Doesn't it seem like time is just flying by? It really feels that way for me lately and it's as if I have no time left to get anything done before Matt gets back, but don't get me wrong - I really want him home so if I don't finish a few tasks before then, that's okay!!
To make me really feel stressed about how close..... we got a homecoming brief the first week of May and that's also when the mail cut-off date is!!! Holy crap.  We both are really anxious to be together again.

So what's been happening here in California? Not too much out of the normal working and school. It's both going good.
Project I just presented for a presentation. This took too long drawing and coloring.

I cut my hair short again.. it grew to a little past my shoulders, so I decided to cut it again.. To be honest, I really do like short hair. I don't know if I am going to try and grow my hair out long, maybe I'll just get hair extensions when I feel like having long hair LOL

Oh I graduated from Physical Therapy. I am now on Stage 4 which is the at-home stage.. so I just need to make sure to keep up with all my exercises and stretches and then once a month I can go in to get adjusted. So that frees my time up a little bit more!
They gave me a coffee mug, candies, rubber stretch band :)

My baby has 12,000 miles on it :( Guess she cannot stay young forever.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hello Kitty Theme

My best friend, Sarah, here in California just had a birthday this past weekend. She turned 21. Her husband is deployed right now, and so I wanted to make it some-what special for her since I know it sucks not being able to spend it with the person you love.
She is Hello Kitty obsessed, hence why I did the theme.

 homemade cake :)

Her reaction was pretty priceless. She had no idea I was surprising her with balloons and a cake. 

Next day after the beach I took her to a local small bar in town to have her first drink out. It's an imported beer called Früli, a Belgium strawberry ale beer. I'm pretty sure I mentioned it before on this blog somewhere.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Two Colors Left

April is finally here! Happy April everyone! Did you do any April Fool's pranks?

I am excited for a new month. I am even more excited because it's time for a new color in the deployment chain. It's getting so short now that it doesn't hang off of both sides!! Having that right beside my bed is truly a reminder of how short we have until he's back home. I feel like I have a million and one things to get accomplished and done before he comes back home and yet I haven't been able to do any of them due to work 50 hours a week, plus work on my 2 classes, go to physical therapy, and exercise, all while trying to take care of the house and send him packages... yi yi yi.. I couldn't even imagine if we had a kid! Haha

Oh yea, isn't that just awesome?!