Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Behind On Drafts

Well, I was going through all the posts and looking to count exactly how many packages I really did send and I saw I had this draft post. It was all the way back in January from when I mailed off Matt's New Year's package. I guess I never made it "LIVE" until.. well today. Lol, it's a bit old - but, what the hell!

A few items

 This box was mostly things from home that he forgot or wanted.

  I'm glad he was able to get the package so soon, almost 2 weeks before New Years.. I can't believe it! I thought it would take longer, but probably because they are at port, it caught up quick.


  1. Matt is a lucky guy. He's most likely the envy of his shipmates. You make nice care packages. Love Dad

    1. I think he just might be! But I make sure to send enough for his friends sometimes too. Thanks, I try. Love you too