Thursday, February 7, 2013

Free Falling

If you have been following my posts lately, you would have seen that my latest post talked about our annviersary and the gift that I gave to the hubby were skydiving tickets for him and I to take that leap of faith! The day after our anniversary, we were supposed to go but the weather was terrible so it got rescheduled for the following weekend (this past weekend). So finally, we were able to go!
The week went by so slow. I couldn't be anymore thrilled to do something like this and I know Matt felt the same.
Then the day came, and I started to get a little nervous but good nerves! We got to the site, we signed the death paper (No, it's true! It was like 5 pages long) Then we waited for the jumpers to come back since they just went up in the air with some other people.
Once they came back, we quickly got suited up, a brief 2 minute instructions on what to do then we headed on out. 

We hopped right into the plane and took off. The door was left open the entire time except when we made a sharp turn over the large body of water (Pacific Ocean) so we got to see so many view point. Downtown San Diego, Coronado Bridge, Pacific Beach, Islands, Mexico, Wall that blocks Mexico and US, Mountains, Sunset… it was awesome!
We skydived in San Diego, but it was so close to the border.. it was seriously 5 minutes driving distance. As we were driving we saw a sign that said "guns illegal in mexico" and a few other signs as you were getting closer.

I made Matt go first on his jump, which, might not have been the best idea in my favor! Lol That seemed to freak me out more by seeing him just jump out of the airplane. Then maybe, not even 20 seconds later, I was outside the plane in mid-air. Hahah!

We jumped at 10,500 feet in air and we were free-falling at 125mph! Although, it honestly felt like 30mph.

The feeling is just INCREDIBLE. It was the best times of our lives (besides getting married ;) ) I know I will NEVER forget that moment. When you jump, you aren't thinking of anything besides how awesome it is. Then when you are coasting, the views are breathtaking and it's so calm. I would definitely do it again and recommend it to others, it was worth every single penny and more. 

We got videos of us skydiving, but below I'll just post the pictures

 Suiting up

 Nerves are flowing
 Matt's instructor John
Getting excited!

The smallest plane in the world! It didn't eve have seats Lol

 Taking off with the door open

 Bracing myself for take off

 Gorgeous views!

 Pretty much these were our facial expressions most of the time Hahaha!

 Halfway there… 5,500 feet
 Kiss goodbye

 About to jump!

 And he jumped

 Had an amazing time

 My funny instructor, Andy

 My facial expression to Matt jumping Haha! Cracks me up. It's so crazy just to see him fall out of a plane.


 Here we go….

 AND I jumped!

 So much fun and awesome!

 Loving it!

 Close to losing my shoes..


 Reunited together, safely!

In the end, Chute Happens and we crossed another adventure off our baby list.

It has not even been a week yet and I want to do something with the same adrenaline exciting feel… bungee jump, parasailing, hot airballoning? hm… Maybe I live for the thrill!