Sunday, February 27, 2011

Abstract Heart Art

The other day, I came across this Etsy website which I thought was just adorable and wanted to buy one instantly....until I saw the price and thought it was a tiny bit outrageous, especially for something I thought I could do on my own. So, I DID!

It was actually quite simple; just a little bit time consuming since I can be a perfectionist. The first thing I did was cut out hearts.
You can use basic tools to do this such a scissors or a heart puncher. Or you can take the route I did and use a Cricut machine (if you own one; which, I recommend!).  I cut out a random number of hearts that I thought fit the frame well -- 49. I was just going to use 31 for how many days there are in the months but it looked weird in the 10x10 frame I have.

So, after your hearts are all cut, then you take the glue stick and glue the hearts on a piece of white paper (aka the backdrop). I suppose you can use any color, but I think the white looks nice.

Ah, sorry for the glare. I didn't notice that when it was on the camera.

 I did my own version of their artwork. So, the two colored brown hearts (why brown? I wanted to tie together the colors and bring out the brown in our canvas we have in the kitchen) represents when we got married on 01/ 25 so the 1st heart and 25th heart are colored. It may not be as perfect as theirs, but I like it and think I got a steal of a bargain.

2  12x12 cardstock white paper $1.58
1  12x12 colored paper $.79
1 glue $3.00
1 frame $8.99

Total price for this craft project: $14.36    compared to the whopping $79 and $190 frames she has going for sale. I already had the glue, paper, and cricut machine at the house, so this project really only cost me $8.99

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stars Before My Eyes

Sorry for the lack of posts. I guess you can say not much has been happening lately. Then again, you could say a lot has been happening.
On the 18th of Friday, Matt's friend, Matt, got in town to visit for awhile. So he's been here for 6 days so far. It's been a pretty good time.

Basically Friday and Saturday they both played Call of Duty all day, a.k.a my love-hate relationship.
Sunday, was a busy day. We woke up and headed to L.A. for the day. It was okay. A little breezy out but no rain. I would love to go back up there again with just Matt and I so we can do the more touristy stuff like a wax museum, Hollywood tour, Universal Studios tour, maybe a nice dinner out, the clubs, who knows. Probably would spend the weekend up there instead of constantly driving back and forth. I think I would like that..and maybe Matt would too.
While we were up there on Sunday we: looked around the shops at Rodeo Dr, walked around Hollywood Blvd, drove down Sunset Blvd (nothing too exciting), saw the Kodak Theater (they were actually setting up for the Oscar's next Sunday), Went to the Hollywood sign, tried to find Venice beach but ended up at Santa Monica pier where we walked around the boardwalk and had dinner.

This was on the corner of Rodeo Drive in  Los Angeles.
We saw quite a few of expensive cars. Matt says thinks he will own one, one-day.

Our delicious cupcakes. Matt got the s'more and I got a Samoa cupcake. Mmm! I want another one.

I didn't take that many pictures as I would have liked to, but I was having a moody day so I didn't feel up to it. BUT next time we go, I will be sure to take a lot more so I can have great memories for scrapbooks later down the road. Plus, I don't think that L.A. or Hollywood area is all what it's hyped up to be.  With all that being said, I am not crossing off #66 hiking up to the Hollywood sign or #50 going to L.A. off our  list. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Holy Ham!"

Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen! I, Bridget Lacey, cooked my first ham tonight. Well, not a full ham, it was only half, but that still counts. I was holding off on quite a few weeks to bake it. That ham was just too intimidating. It still was at first, but with a few helpful suggestions from a couple of cooking websites, it wasn't THAT bad. Way easier than cooking a turkey, that's for sure.
The whole time the ham was cooking in the oven and even when I did put the glaze on it, I still was worried that the ham wasn't going to turn out right.  But when I took it out, and after Matt had sliced it - we each took a bite and it was D E L I C I O U S! Oh so yummy. I think if I was to cook it any longer, it might have been dry. But I think for my first time, was definitely a success! 

So, last night we had honey-glazed ham with a side of homemade mashed potatoes. 
The first step I did was put 1 TBS of flour into a large oven bag. Then I put the ham inside of it and closed off the bag with a twist tie.
Stabbed the top of the bag with 6-8 holes.
I put the ham on 325* for 10 minutes. 
Then, I took the ham out.

When I took the ham out, I sliced the bag down the middle and sides so the ham was exposed.
I cut it in a diamond-shape.
In each diamond I put in a whole clove.
Then, I smeared 1/8 cup of prepared mustard.
After the mustard was spread on, I put a generous amount of brown sugar on top. About 3/4 cup
Once you have the brown sugar sprinkled on, then apply about 3 TBSP of honey.

* The earlier you put the glaze on the ham, the more the ham will soak it up and you'll be able to taste it more.

Then I put the ham back into the oven, this time I raised the temperature to 375* until it was done. 
I took it out, and then I told let Matt do the carving.

I had more ham on my plate, I just forgot to take a picture right away. My stomach couldn't wait. 

After dinner, Matt and I watched t.v. while we sipped on some Jarhead Red Wine and enjoyed a box of chocolates.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Purchase

"Do you mind if I buy a new desktop?" was the text Matt sent me today. He went out to get his haircut, and apparently after he did, he made a stop (in the opposite direction) to Best Buy.  I ended up driving out to Best Buy to meet up with him so we can talk about it and pick one out TOGETHER. Since, it is a pretty big purchase. Well, by the time I got there, he had it narrowed down to two already. We decided to get this Tower with this Monitor. We already had a wireless keyboard and mouse, so we're just not going to use the one the computer came with.   So far, I love it! It's really fast and it's just what we needed. We never used the one we had upstairs because it was getting old and it was really starting to work so slow. Matt had that computer for over 7 years.

Already dusty....pff.

And one last farewell to the ol' E-machine. Poor tower didn't even have it's case on. I am going to try to sell the monitor and a few other electronic items that are in that basket before we just throw them away.
 I guess that means another one to check off on our list. It seems like items are being crossed of faster lately, hm...

And on a side note: Here are some pictures that I feel like sharing -

Used our fryer for the first time since we got it as a Christmas gift from Matt's parents.
Philly steak subs and fries go well together.
Heart shaped pancakes for Valentine's Day.
Matt in action making a large heart pancake.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Baby Bucket List

So, before we get scolded for the title of this post, I would just like to say this is just an aspirational list. If the things on this list aren't completed, that is O.K. for us. That just means it was the right timing. We know at any time, it would be a blessing to have a baby and that it just might be possible to do half, or even more than half of these things on the list WITH a baby, but let's face it - it's much easier and cheaper to do without one. Plus, I do enjoy just husband and wife time. I know once we do decide to have a child, it will be mommy and baby all the time.... Ha ha, okay, okay, of course I'll include Matt. After all, he will come in handy for diaper changes. ;)

Anyways, what made us come up with this "Baby Bucket List" is for the mere fact that we've been having a slighhhhhht case of baby fever following us. I've been on and off that baby train quite a few times throughout the past year to year and a half. Matt, on the other hand, hasn't been on the train......until recently. So, we talked about things we wanted to maybe accomplish, see, or do before it does come the time to have a child. Once this list has been either more than half-way completed or all the way completed, then it will be baby-making time. Until then, we will enjoy our life together; just the two of us.
Plus, it would be pretty awesome if we could be a little bit closer to family so we're able to celebrate with them.

With further ado, here is our list in no particular order:

1 Create an online blog about our life and our baby bucket list progress Completed: 02/08/11
2 Take a vacation on the opposite side of the world
3 Go on a cruise
4 Go to a Raven's football game   Completed: 11/25/12
5 Skydive   Completed:  02/02/13
6 Pay off our Nissan Car    Completed: 09/29/15
7 Scuba-dive or snorkeling  Completed: 08/27/11
8 Feed a giraffe
9 Pay off credit card
10 See the Hover Dam
11 Spend a week vacationing in the Bahamas, Hawaii or somewhere that's tropical  Completed: 09/04/12
12 Take a surf lesson
13 Para-sailing
14 Rock climb indoors  Completed: 03/05/11
15 Learn to speak Italian
16 Attend a T.V. show: The Ellen Show Completed: 05/16/12
17 Jump off a cliff into a natural body of water in an exotic location
18 Try deep sea fishing  Completed: 11/17/12
19 Attend a concert  Completed: 06/17/11
20 Be a contestant on 'The Amazing Race'
21 Go to Vegas again before moving from California to see a show  Completed: 10/21/11
22 Put $100 down on blackjack at a casino  Completed: 03/21/11
23 Try to snowboard
24  Run Races:
           Complete a 10k  Completed: 04/02/11
           Complete a half-marathon  Completed: 11/30/14
           Complete a marathon  Completed: 11/29/15
25 Go white water rafting
26 Write a kids book with pictures even if it never gets published
27 Learn how to crochet
28 Learn how to sew
29 Go skinny dipping at night
30 Make out under a waterfall  Completed: 09/04/12
31 Catch a ride in a hot air balloon
32 Visit all 50 states
33 Visit the Grand Canyon
34 Go Ice skating in New York at Rockefeller Center
35 Go to the shooting range again   Completed: 11/05/11
36 Buy bikes and ride them around the neighborhood  Completed: 08/23/14
37 Ride in a helicopter
38 Go to a nude beach
39 Visit Niagara Falls
40 Finish CNA school  Completed: 05/20/11
41 Decide if Nursing is for me  Completed: 05/19/11
42 Stand at the four corners
43 Chill in a piano bar  Completed: 10/27/12
44 Do a wine tour
45 Make the Mr. breakfast in bed (for all the many times he's done this for me, he deserves it)  Completed: 06/11/11
46 Buy/make more decorative stuff for the house  Completed:  07/29/12
47 Try to donate blood (if my body temperature lets me!!)
48 Take hikes:
            Hosp Grove Trail Completed: 02/12/11
             Lake O'Neil  Completed: 09/23/11
             Mt. Woodson  Completed: 06/23/12
             Pitons   Completed: 09/05/12
49 Hang around LA for the day  Completed: 02/20/11
50 Warner Bros. Studios Tour
51 Actively pray for my husband and our marriage daily  Completed: 04/24/11
52 Attend the Macy's Thanksgiving parade & see the lighting of the tree
53 Write a will
54 Get a job  Completed: 01/09/12
55 Get a professional camera Completed: 07/03/11
56 Finish our first year marriage and dating scrapbooks
57 Put together a cute flower arrangement for the house Completed: 03/03/11
58 Buy a home    Completed: 04/24/13
59 Go to a couple's spa  Completed: 10/23/11
60 Ride a jet ski
61 Adopt a dog  Completed: 07/22/13
62 Go Zip-lining   Completed: 08/31/12
63 Play music really loud in the house while we're cleaning and dancing silly  Completed: 05/21/11
64 Buy a motorcycle and take a few rides
65 Hike up to the Hollywood sign  Completed: 02/20/11
66 Go to a few sports games
     San Diego Chargers football game Completed: 09/25/11
     Baltimore Ravens football game  Completed: 11/25/12
     Baltimore Ravens HOME football game Completed: 10/11/15
67 Go to a beer factory Completed: 10/13/12
68 Dye my hair a different color just because Completed: 09/17/11
69 Hang out around Coronado Island   Completed: 09/22/11
70 Explore the USS Midway   Completed: 03/05/11
71 Pay off Best Buy credit card    Completed: 03/21/12
72 Buy a new desktop  Completed: 02/15/11
73 Take a family vacation 
      North Carolina Annual Beach House with the Lacey's Completed: 07/05/14
      Maryland with the Paoletti's Completed: 10/09/15

I figure I will keep coming back to this post to track our progress and to cross things off as we complete them. This way we can tell where we're at :)
* You can click on the word "completed" to check out the post.

Completed so far: 41/73 = 56%

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Change of plans

Remember how I mentioned that I would go to the store to grab some things I needed to work on my projects over the weekend? Yea, I don't see that happening anymore.
Last night, Matt had sent me a text saying, "Can you please open the front door?" I was thinking to myself "No way can he be at the front door. Oh my God, is he at the front door? No! he can't be! Maybe..Crap the house is a mess." So, I turned the porch light on, opened the door, and there he was. I couldn't believe my eyes. My heart was definitely racing and my hands were just a bit shaky. Of course it was in a good startled way. It was an awesome surprise. One of the best Friday's in a long time, that's for sure.

That leads me to today. Since it was such a beautiful day (80* sunny), we decided to go on a hike.

We went to Hosp Grove Trail.  We have never been to that one before, but it was pretty nice and a good workout. Funny thing about this place is that we have always passed up that road and wondered where it went to but never explored until today. Good thing we did. It also turns out that California is just one big circle. You can always end up in the same place you started, ha ha.
Here is some pictures from today's hike:
Side note: You can zoom in on the picture by clicking on the actual picture. They look better when they're at original size but the blog layout I have doesn't fit large photos. ;)

Oops! I forgot to take a picture of the actual sign, so this will have to do.
We took the purple route

Ha ha, his face cracks me up in this picture.

On top one out of the many hills there were.

Love this last picture

The views were alright during this hike, it was right off a semi-busy road and the mall was across the street. But it was kind of nice because out of all the cars driving by and having the mall and highway so close, you couldn't hear a thing. It was quite peaceful. Matt and I actually just sat and talked enjoying the scenery around us.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pizza Bagels

Lately, I've been running a bit low on food in the house. I'm trying to hold out until Matt comes back, that way we can go grocery shopping before our friend, Matt R. comes to visit for 10 days. I want to make sure we have enough food for all of us.  

Today I was craving something warm since for some reason I've been sniffling and sneezing like crazy. I don't know what it is, but after my run today I just can't stop sneezing. Within the past 2 hours, I've sneezed 12 times. Yes, I counted ha ha. Anyways, that's not the point to this story. The point is, I remember when I was younger, my mom use to make some delicious pizza bagels. I loved them. Well, I decided that's what I was going to have for lunch since I had bagels, mozzarella cheese, and sauce on hand.
They came out delicious. If you have never made them before, well maybe you should give it at try. So, if you want to try, here is how:

What you will need:
Mozzarella Cheese
Bagels (you can use mini bagels or the larger bagels. In my case, I used the larger ones)
Pizza or spaghetti sauce

                                                   First, preheat oven to 375*. 
 While the oven is preheating, you can go ahead and start making your pizza bagels. I like to put mine in the toaster for about a minute, just to get it a little bit crispy. I think they turn out better so it's not too doughy, but you don't necessarily have to do this step. So, after the bagel is out of the toaster, lay it on a cookie tray. Start by putting sauce on the bagel. 

I just scooped the sauce out with a spoon and then spread it all across the bagel. After I had sauce on both bagels, I sprinkled some Mozzarella cheese around. You can use a lot or a little, depending on how cheesy you want your pizza bagel.
Then, I put it in the oven for 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes were up, I took it out of the oven and let it sit on the tray for 2 minutes before I took them off and put them on a plate. Once you think it's cooled off enough (don't burn your mouth!) then it's time to enjoy!

Wah-La! Okay, so maybe it doesn't look perfect and pretty when it's done, but it tastes delicious.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feeling That Urge

I feel that urge to work on a few crafty projects this weekend. I have quite a few in mind. I can think of at least 5 right now. So, tomorrow or Saturday I'll be making a trip out to the stores in search of the items I need. Of course I'll post the projects once I'm finished* (that way I know it actually turns out cute ha ha)
*Unfortunately, I am unsure of how many of those projects I can post, since some projects are going to people. Once they receive them, then I'll post it.

Other than waiting for Matt to come back home and starting on projects, I have been keeping up with my 7 week 5k plan. I have been doing pretty good, I think. I have a goal in mind for completing a 5k and that is :drumroll: less than 28 minutes. I ran a 5k last year in May within 28 minutes, so this year when I run a 5k with Matt in April, I want to do it in less than 28 minutes. I would L O V E if I got my time down to 26.5 or 27 even - we shall see. I have awhile to perfect it. I'll be updating on this in a few weeks when I'm finished - only 2 more weeks left, yay!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Blog, First Post

Well, I had a blogger account but it was my own personal blog that I used for when I was taking a particular college course. I decided to forget about that old blog and start a new one; since technically, I  we do have a new life together. Not a really a full blown-out exciting life, ha ha- but a new life that we're happy with and at times can be exciting!

Where to start? I suppose an introduction of who we are.
 The Lacey's
  • We're in our twenties.
  • We have been married for 2 years; together for 6 years
  • The Mr. is in the military(Marines), so we get that advantage of meeting new people and exploring new places.
  • I am working on what I would like to do in life: starting up school for a CNA next month
  • We live in California for now
  • No pets or kids yet
 I would say that's a pretty good introduction of the two of us. We don't need any creepy stalkers.

I really wanted to start a blog awhile ago so our family and close friends are able to be apart of our lives as we move, travel, cook, re-decorate, make the cutest babies in the world (Ha ha.. only kidding for now) and whatever else we like to do.  It would be too long and too much for me to post if I went back from when we first started to date, moving away, and to where we are now. So I'll try to do a quick recap of it by photos.

Started dating October 2004
Left 9 months later July 2005 for boot camp
Came back 3 months later October 2005 as a Marine

Time went by, we continued a long distance relationship....
November 2008 he asked me to marry him
January 2009 we got married (small courthouse type wedding at the house)
He deployed in March 2009 to Iraq
6 months later he came back and we were so happy to be reunited
December 2009 we made a cross-country trip. We moved ourselves to California
We moved into our first house that month
We had a "real" wedding a year later in January 2010 in Florida
We purchased my first NEW car together in January 2010
We experienced Vegas for a few days in February 2010
Then he deployed again, this time to Afghanistan in March 2010
7 months later, he came back and once again, we were happy to be reunited

It's been 5 months since he's returned from his previous deployment. During the time he has been home, we went to Six Flags, picked out pumpkins at a pumpkin patch, hiking, celebrated Halloween in downtown San Diego, went to Vegas (again) in November for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, made a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, flew to Florida to visit family for awhile in December, I was in my best friend's wedding in December, had a great Christmas, and celebrated our 2 year anniversary together. We have done other little things too but those were the major ones. 
Also, since he's been home: In November he went to Yuma for 3 weeks (work)
Currently, he's in 29 palms for 6 weeks (work)

Well, I believe I said all I need to say in this post. Sorry it was longer than I had originally thought, but it's only because this was the first one. I will try my best to continuously update that way the posts aren't lengthy.