Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Purchase

"Do you mind if I buy a new desktop?" was the text Matt sent me today. He went out to get his haircut, and apparently after he did, he made a stop (in the opposite direction) to Best Buy.  I ended up driving out to Best Buy to meet up with him so we can talk about it and pick one out TOGETHER. Since, it is a pretty big purchase. Well, by the time I got there, he had it narrowed down to two already. We decided to get this Tower with this Monitor. We already had a wireless keyboard and mouse, so we're just not going to use the one the computer came with.   So far, I love it! It's really fast and it's just what we needed. We never used the one we had upstairs because it was getting old and it was really starting to work so slow. Matt had that computer for over 7 years.

Already dusty....pff.

And one last farewell to the ol' E-machine. Poor tower didn't even have it's case on. I am going to try to sell the monitor and a few other electronic items that are in that basket before we just throw them away.
 I guess that means another one to check off on our list. It seems like items are being crossed of faster lately, hm...

And on a side note: Here are some pictures that I feel like sharing -

Used our fryer for the first time since we got it as a Christmas gift from Matt's parents.
Philly steak subs and fries go well together.
Heart shaped pancakes for Valentine's Day.
Matt in action making a large heart pancake.

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  1. The PC looks really nice beside my desk. lol. Matt did a good job with his pancakes. I should make him an apron for when he cooks.