Saturday, February 12, 2011

Change of plans

Remember how I mentioned that I would go to the store to grab some things I needed to work on my projects over the weekend? Yea, I don't see that happening anymore.
Last night, Matt had sent me a text saying, "Can you please open the front door?" I was thinking to myself "No way can he be at the front door. Oh my God, is he at the front door? No! he can't be! Maybe..Crap the house is a mess." So, I turned the porch light on, opened the door, and there he was. I couldn't believe my eyes. My heart was definitely racing and my hands were just a bit shaky. Of course it was in a good startled way. It was an awesome surprise. One of the best Friday's in a long time, that's for sure.

That leads me to today. Since it was such a beautiful day (80* sunny), we decided to go on a hike.

We went to Hosp Grove Trail.  We have never been to that one before, but it was pretty nice and a good workout. Funny thing about this place is that we have always passed up that road and wondered where it went to but never explored until today. Good thing we did. It also turns out that California is just one big circle. You can always end up in the same place you started, ha ha.
Here is some pictures from today's hike:
Side note: You can zoom in on the picture by clicking on the actual picture. They look better when they're at original size but the blog layout I have doesn't fit large photos. ;)

Oops! I forgot to take a picture of the actual sign, so this will have to do.
We took the purple route

Ha ha, his face cracks me up in this picture.

On top one out of the many hills there were.

Love this last picture

The views were alright during this hike, it was right off a semi-busy road and the mall was across the street. But it was kind of nice because out of all the cars driving by and having the mall and highway so close, you couldn't hear a thing. It was quite peaceful. Matt and I actually just sat and talked enjoying the scenery around us.

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