Sunday, February 27, 2011

Abstract Heart Art

The other day, I came across this Etsy website which I thought was just adorable and wanted to buy one instantly....until I saw the price and thought it was a tiny bit outrageous, especially for something I thought I could do on my own. So, I DID!

It was actually quite simple; just a little bit time consuming since I can be a perfectionist. The first thing I did was cut out hearts.
You can use basic tools to do this such a scissors or a heart puncher. Or you can take the route I did and use a Cricut machine (if you own one; which, I recommend!).  I cut out a random number of hearts that I thought fit the frame well -- 49. I was just going to use 31 for how many days there are in the months but it looked weird in the 10x10 frame I have.

So, after your hearts are all cut, then you take the glue stick and glue the hearts on a piece of white paper (aka the backdrop). I suppose you can use any color, but I think the white looks nice.

Ah, sorry for the glare. I didn't notice that when it was on the camera.

 I did my own version of their artwork. So, the two colored brown hearts (why brown? I wanted to tie together the colors and bring out the brown in our canvas we have in the kitchen) represents when we got married on 01/ 25 so the 1st heart and 25th heart are colored. It may not be as perfect as theirs, but I like it and think I got a steal of a bargain.

2  12x12 cardstock white paper $1.58
1  12x12 colored paper $.79
1 glue $3.00
1 frame $8.99

Total price for this craft project: $14.36    compared to the whopping $79 and $190 frames she has going for sale. I already had the glue, paper, and cricut machine at the house, so this project really only cost me $8.99


  1. your so crafty! I love it!!! Wish i still had time to do stuff like that!

  2. Thank you :) I have been really crafty lately. I still have quite a few more I'm needing to do soon. Hopefully you'll get time to do them again.

  3. What a great job and cute idea, even if it wasn't your original idea. I am so glad you finally let your craft side come out of the closet. Lol Welcome to my world!