Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Run Forest, Run!

I signed up for my next race; a 10k (That's 6 miles). I was going back and forth whether I should sign up for another 5k or try a 10k. But, in the end I registered for the 10k, this way I can see what my time will be and know that I tried something new. Rather than if I were to do a 5k, I would only have the goal to beat my old time; which, I have already completed on the treadmill a few weeks ago.

My race day is on April 2, 2011. Unfortunately, Matt will not be here to run with me or to cheer me on since he will already be on another DET in Yuma, AZ for 2 months, yuck! This race is raising money to help military families with autism kids. 1 of every 88 military children are born with autism. Since I grew up around military and am married to someone in the military, I really support this race and cause. I know one day Matt and I will have children and we hope that they will be healthy. Having to raise someone with autism while your spouse is in the military can be one of the hardest things to do. Not only is it tough, but it's expensive. Most people think that because we're military, we get free everything, that is not true.

Anyways, I'm training right now for the race and if you want to help donate money to my fundraiser, click this link: Act Today! For military families with autism kids

Also, the other day Matt and I were talking about our past trip to the Hollywood sign and L.A. and that's when we decided that we are going to cross those 2 items off our list. We did see a lot of things around the area and we can ALWAYS go again. The list is just to do things that we have never done before, so since that was our first time, technically we should have crossed it off last week.


  1. I wish I could cross off things on my list. Well if I had a list I guess I could. Your 10K is coming up soon. I hope you are prepared for it. Too bad Matt is going to miss it. Hopefully someone will record the race or take pictures. Did you post information on facebook about the race? You should let it be know so you can get supporters.

  2. Bridget, Mom & I donated $25 to your 10K Run. I hope this helps you reach your $100 goal. You should post it again and ask for donation one last time. All you need is five people to donate $10 dollars each. Explain how easy it is to donate using their debit card or credit card on line. Also explain how the money is for military families. Good Luck. Love Dad