Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Check. Check. Call. Fold.

As I was in mid-sleep the other night, I received a phone call from Matt. It's always nice to hear his voice, even if it was midnight. He wanted to tell me about his night on how him and the guys he is working with went to the casino. He told me he had a pretty successful night. I was proud of how he did. Not even thinking about the baby list we made, he had put $100 on black since he was up in chips. Luckily, he did well. I honestly don't remember the entire story of how it all happened since like I said, I was in mid-sleep but I'm glad it all worked out and my husband walked out of the casino a happy man.  So, since Matt did something that was on our list, it's time to be crossed off. Although, we weren't together - it was something that HE wanted to do and it is on the list. So, goodbye #22.  I miss you, love.

Side note - a few nights ago I watched the movie, Eat. Pray. Love. with Julia Roberts. What a good movie! I thoroughly enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It kind of makes me want to read the book someday. So, if you haven't watched it yet, maybe you should.


  1. So how much did Matt win that night and what did he spend it on?

  2. Did you watch American Idle last night? Didn't you think Casey over dramatized his reaction at the end of the show. I think he was acting a little. Can't wait to see Paul go. Dad

  3. Your baby list is going to be done soon! :)

  4. I am unsure of how much he won that night, I don't remember but he's just using it to buy normal everyday stuff he needs to live like snacks, food and drinks.
    I did watch American Idol and I do think it was overdramatized quite a bit. He shouldn't have gone that far. It's not like he won the show.

    Jessica - I know, tell me about it! Lol It seems like it's being checked off left & right