Thursday, March 31, 2011

What A Week!

Sorry for the lack of posts. But somebody in our household started school. Yep, me.  I started class Monday. First day was really overwhelming. My brain hurt so bad. I actually had called Matt to cry to him about it. I'm so thankful that he believes in me whenever I don't believe in myself and is there to encourage me through anything I feel I cannot do. I just hope that this is a career for me and I will enjoy it. I'm feeling worried about it right now.
The Second day of class was not quite as overwhelming, but still a lot of information needs to be learned. Thankfully, the professors gave off Wednesday and Thursday.

I am using these 2 days for reading, highlighting, note cards, and studying. First quiz is on Friday morning and then I have my first test on Monday morning. Talk about fast-paced, huh? That's not the most shocking part. The shocking part is that the test is over 11 chapters; which, is 179 pages. Yes, I counted. I honestly am unsure of how I'm going to be able to retain all that information and be able to maintain it all in my brain. If only there were a way to borrow a brain for extra, maybe I should check craigslist; the website does have everything, ha ha.
I use to think that the days went by too slow. But now, they are going by too fast and I wish I had more time off. Funny how that works out.

Saturday I am running a 10k early in the morning. Donations are still being accepted. The deadline is on Friday morning. So please help support this cause. The money that is being donated in my name is giving me motivation to really run well that day.  Click here to donate Currently I am halfway to my goal.


  1. I am proud of you. Attempting anything out of ones comfort zone is the most difficult and courageous thing to do. Love Dad

  2. Thanks Dad. It is true, it's definitely out of my comfort zone!