Thursday, March 17, 2011

See You In Two Months!

Well, Matt left the other day, Tuesday morning to be exact. It's always tough saying goodbye regardless the amount of days, weeks, or months. But I am looking at the positives of this DET (detachment) because if I think negative, then that will only drag out these 2 months. So on with the positives:
--Per Diem allowance
--3.5 - 4 hours away depending on traffic and speed
--It's not a deployment, therefore we have phone & internet
--I may be able to go out for a visit before I start school
--I will be in school 5 days a week, so the weeks should go by fairly quickly

If that doesn't pep me up, then I always have this picture to look at that Matt made for me on the computer when he said he "wanted to test out the printer quality":
With that being said, we bought a new printer! Our other printer quit working on us about 2 months ago and with me starting up school soon, we felt it was necessary to buy one before he left. We decided on the Canon PIXMA - MG5520 All-In-One Wireless Printer. It was originally $149 but on sale for $99. It has good reviews and the replacement ink cartridges aren't priced too high either; cheaper than the other brands we saw.

Afterwards, we went to have dinner at Pizza Port. This place has THE best pizza EVER. I am not even kidding when I enunciate on THE and EVER. It's a really cool set up inside (which I'll remember next time we are there to take a picture of). You order yourself, you seat yourself, and you wait until your name is called for. They actually make their own beer; which, is pretty delicious. Matt tried the Carlsbad Chronic - it's an amber ale type of beer. I had the California Honey that is a lighter type of beer with real honey that they get locally. I can taste it now..
Everything on there is fresh. It's awesome. It's a bit pricey than a pizza you would find at papa john's or domino's, but it's well worth the price. Ours had cheese, sausage, jalapenos, and fresh basil. 

On the way out, we saw this and I had to get a picture of it. I forgot my camera at home, so the full thing couldn't fit on my phone camera, but there was 1 more row after that car seat.

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  1. Too bad you left your camera at the house. You do have the memories though.