Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 10 Military Challenge & Memorial Day

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 10: Post a picture that you or your S.O. took on webcam or cell phone. 

Wow, we have so many pictures that we have taken through a webcam or over a cell phone. The first half of our relationship was long distance (4 years) and then since we've been married, more than half of that has been long distance as well, due to deployments and training.

Here are two pictures that he recently sent me through cell phone while he was at WTI.

I also want to remind everyone as they're celebrating on this day that it's not just a day off work, it's a day to remember all of our military members, veterans and the ones who lost their lives. Thank you for your service. 
So far today, Matt and I have been watching a t.v. series, made a run to the store to pick up a few things for dinner. Later, I believe we are going to have a bonfire.

By the way, hangover 2 is hilarious. We both thought it was funnier than the first hangover.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 9 Military Challenge

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 9: Post a picture of your favorite thing that you and your S.O. has made and tell what it is.

Well, we have not made anything together besides decorating ornaments at a Christmas party for his work, but that is not my favorite thing, haha.  We have made things separately, like my abstract heart art and our photo album. Matt made home-made cards for me before..If we had a child, I would say that. LOL

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 8 Military Challenge

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 8: Post your favorite deployment picture (a picture of "see you later", him coming home, or him deployed) and tell why it's your favorite.
I have more than one favorite homecoming picture from this past deployment but I will only post one.
This was our first hug. I love it because even though you cannot see my face, the smile on his face says it all.

Yesterday I got a large envelope in the mail from the college I am attending. I opened it up and inside was a letter congratulating me about completing the CNA course and also a certificate of proficiency. 

*Click to enlarge letter and certification.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 7 Military Challenge

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 7: Post a picture of a wonderful friend that you've made because of your S.O. being in the military.
I have made a handful of wonderful friends while being stationed out here in California. These girls have been there for me during Matt's deployment and are still there to talk to when I need someone who will understand.
From left to right: Amanda, Me, Jen T.,Kayla, Kristin, and Erica. I am holding Erica's Son, Alex and Erica is holding Kristin's son, Carson.

These are my main close friends that I have met while out here that have been there for me whenever. I have other friends, but there are more of distant friends since I am not as close as them as the others.
Kristin moved in April back to their hometown since her husband got out of the military. She was my close friend and we had so much in common. Her husband always thought we were long-lost sisters since we had so much in common and would act the same or had the same response to most things. Kristin and I both saw that too. I still consider her one of my close friends although we are miles apart and don't talk as often as we use to but that doesn't matter. I do miss her and her adorable, sweet little boy, Carson!
Then there is Amanda. She is moving next month. We are actually having a going away party the second week of June for her. She is the backbone that holds all of us together by hosting game nights or family nights at her house on Fridays. At one point, all of us ladies had our husbands gone so Friday nights were mainly called ladies night because we would sit around, eat good food, watch girly movies and talk. She is a good friend and will be missed.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 6 Military Challenge

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 6: Post a picture of the base your S.O. is at and tell 5 cool things about this base.
Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California.

  1. The base is huge, so there is a lot of places to go to which make it convenient instead of needing to go off base.
  2. The interstate is so close that we can go to a lot of places off base without having to travel so far.
  3. The base offers quite a few activities and free events
  4. Houses on base are pretty big, especially for the two of us.
  5. There are beaches on base.
One downfall about living out here: Deployments! They are ridiculous. Even trainings. Matt has never deployed or trained so much in his career until we moved out...actually it was within 2 months of moving out here he knew he was deploying and from then on, it's constant training and deploying. Needless to say, as much as we have enjoyed California together (the little amount that we have), we are ready to get out of here so we can catch a break.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 5 Military Challenge & Crockpot loving

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 5: Post a picture of your S.O. in uniform and list your favorite thing about him being in the military.
Taken at the Marine Corps Ball in 2010.

My favorite thing about him being in the military would have to be that even though it's a labor demanding job and he has to wake up at early hours and stay until whenever he's allowed to go, he hardly complains. He really enjoys his job and I like that a lot. Benefits are pretty good also ;)

I used my crockpot last night for the first time since I got it as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law, Terry! It is awesome, amazing, splendid, fantastic! Why in the world did I not use it sooner? I want to cook all of my meals in it! I made BBQ chicken and it was delicious. Matt said it was the best BBQ chicken that I've ever made!
I didn't take any pictures of the step by step process because, well.. I don't have a good excuse - I just forgot. I was lost in my crockpot glory. I made BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches and our sides were baked beans and Matt made fries. It was all very tasty and filling!
I cannot wait until I find something else to make in my crockpot.... oh the many options going through my head right now. I have a feeling that thing will get a lot of good uses and is in for a long run!

Countdown to state exam: 3 days.  I am getting really nervous, the nerves are kicking in. I can feel my stomach already starting to form knots!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 4 Military Challenge & Water Softener

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 4: Post a picture of the family he had to leave behind to protect his country.
This was on our wedding day. His side of the family; brothers, cousins, grandparents, uncle, aunt, parents, and me.
In the near future, the family he has to leave behind will grow from not only me being at our house but also a baby. Of course that's not happening anytime this year.

In other news: We got a water softener for our house! I have wanted one for quite some time now because the water on base here is horrible. How it happened? Well, Matt was washing the cars, a guy from Rayne water company came up to him and asked if we had one and if he didn't then if he could have a minute of Matt's time. So Matt listened to what he had to say, showed where it would be located, etc. I was upstairs cleaning when Matt told me to come down and then I talked to the guy. I already know about water softeners because my parents have one and it really does make a difference, but Matt wasn't sure of it until the guy had explained it and sold him on the idea. So, we signed up for it. 
Even though there is a grammatical error on their sign (it should be families NOT familys), I still am okay promoting the company on my blog.
The company is not only for our base, it's world-wide. So, if you're looking into water softeners, you can go to this link instead of the one listed above.

 Two days later, one of the installer guys showed up and installed the water softener tank in the garage, and then the water tank and drinking faucet to the sink. It is such a great deal and it requires no maintenance from us! They do everything!
Tank out in the garage. our water faucet that is clear, cold drinking water. Tank underneath the sink for the faucet.

Also, I would like to give a shout out to Sweet Child O'Mine. Jessica and her Husband, Michael, (Matt's cousins) had their second baby today. A baby boy named Lucas Michael.  Kalen is now a big brother! Congratulations on being parents again. He is so precious! Cannot wait until I can meet him.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 3 Military Challenge

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 3: Post a random picture of how you met. Did you know then that you'd be where you are with him today?

I don't have a picture of where exactly we met, but we met in high school during lunch hour in the hallway on May 2004. I had a group of friends all year long that I would hang out with and sit with at lunch. Matt never came around, no one ever even talked of him, and I had no clue who he was until that day when he came down the hall and started talking to my friends. Who would have thought that my friends were the same as his friends!
No one had introduced us, so we decided to ask each other. We had a little flirting thing going on. He would beat on his CD player and I would hold his hand down and tell him not to do that because it actually ruins the CD. Well, he continued to do that because he knew he was flirting right back. About 2 weeks later, that year in high school came to an end and summer began. We were together most of the time throughout summer and we maintained a friendship. We did kiss once (nope, he was not the one to kiss me, it was me who kiss him! Shocking, I know.) Even though we kissed that one time, we still didn't start a relationship.

Well his senior year came up and my junior year started. We were both in a new high school (one was built over the summer and we were zoned for it.... we only lived 4 miles down the road from each other.. coincidence much?)  Anyways, Matt wanted to start a relationship with me but I was wishy-washy about it, so he went ahead and did his own thing but then when I found out he was talking to another girl, I got jealous and I knew right then I wanted to date him. So it was homecoming evening and Matt won homecoming king, he had asked me to homecoming, and it all was such a perfect night. As we were dancing to "Hoobastank -  The Reason" He asked me to be his girlfriend and I responded quickly with a "yes" on October 2, 2004.
Here is a picture of us at homecoming shortly after he asked me to be his girlfriend:
Did I see myself with him like I ended up today? Well, partly - yes. I knew he was going into the military so I could picture the military part and having to do long distance, but I never knew if it was going to last into a long committed relationship like it did (4 years long distance). I am happy that this is how it worked out because I really do love him and it feels just right. I cannot see myself being in any other situation or with someone else feeling as protected and safe like I do with him. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 2 Military Challenge

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 2: Post a picture of you and your S.O. being silly.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 1 Military Challenge & Cleaning Spree

I am going to do a 30 day military challenge blogging post in honor of my husband. I decided to start it now since there is exactly one month left until hubby's 24th birthday! So, for every day I will write a post answering a question that deals with him and the military. Of course, I will still update about our life and anything exciting going on in another post or in the same post like I did with this one.

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 1: Post a photo of your military S.O. (significant other) and list 10 facts about him.
This photo was taken in Afghanistan 2010.
And here's a recent picture of Matt with his new glasses

  1. He was born in Jersey and moved to Florida when he was around eight years old. 
  2. Matt loves Reese's peanut butter cups. If you have Reese's around and don't want them to be all gone in a sitting, make sure to hide them!
  3. He is a middle child. He has an older brother and a younger brother 3 years apart.
  4. Matt has been in the military since July 2005, right out of high school.
  5. Matt buys all his clothes from Express (I don't blame him, good sense of style)
  6. He really wants to get a Harley one day.
  7. Matt has deployed 2 times on land already, but this year he is deploying on a MEU; making it his 3rd deployment.
  8. He likes dogs more than any other animal.
  9. He wants to start a family soon (and of course, me too.)
  10. His birthday is the longest day of the year. (no really... it is. He was born on June 21)

Cleaning Spree! We cleaned the house from top to bottom and the feeling is incredible! I haven't been able to keep up with the house as good as I normally like to due to the high demand of studying and school work, but now that I graduated yesterday, I have more time.
Anyways, back to cleaning.. we crossed item #64 of our list: Play music really loud while we're cleaning and dancing silly.
Matt even managed to sweep the garage and back porch, re-arrange his tools, and wash my car.
And then we treated ourselves to Panera Bread; which, we haven't had in forever because we never knew where one was...until today: 11 miles away, ekkk!

Side note: Big Happy Birthday to my brother, Aaron!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Con-Graduation Day

Like how I mixed congratulations and graduation into one word? I know, clever. This afternoon was my "graduation" at the facility site where I've been training at for the past 6 weeks, 3 days a week. I feel like I do have an idea of what it's going to be like when I get a job and that I will hopefully have enough information to help my patients or residents to the highest quality.
waiting for graduation to start and families to arrive.
Reading a Nursing poem. Standing up to receive certification of completion and hugging instructor.
Half of our class (other half was at a different facility.

Looking back, 8 weeks went by fairly quick and I am happy that I made this decision to become a CNA. So far, I have enjoyed working with all some of the residents. I like that I am able to help others who need the help and the fact that this job requires a lot of talking on the job, ha ha.
Suzie and I. Matt and I. Karin, Suzie, and I after graduation.

Cake. Food. Suzie cutting the cake.

I decided already that I do NOT want to be a CNA forever. I rather become an LVN; which, can take up to 2 years. Heck, who knows.. I might even decide to be an RN but only time will tell for that one since the husband and I have decided maybe sometime in the year 2012 we will want to start a family, so if I cannot become an RN right away (which currently there is not a high demand for RN's as they are for CNA and LVN due to the economy) then it's okay, it's still something I can do in the future once the kids are in school. So the answer to #40: If I will make this a career? Yes, I will.

I am finished with CNA nursing state exam

You can blow up the pictures by clicking on them. It's so much easier to see and the pictures look a lot better!
  • My overall grade for the class was a 96 A. (I received no less than 90 on a test and 100 on quizzes)
  • Final exam I got 101 out of 100 (There were bonus questions.)
  • I got a 25/25 for my oral presentation. The professor let me know that it was the best presentation she has seen in a long time and she thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot.
  • My evaluation for Clinical was all satisfactory and I have nothing to improve on, just to continue doing what I am doing. My instructor feels I can go all the way and make a difference in people.

Countdown to State Exam: 1 week 1 day.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend, Matt and I actually did something that we normally don't do on the weekends. We went to hang out with some friends and had a BBQ. Usually we are in our own world by doing something at home, or going to do something outdoors but just us two.
Friday, we did stayed home. We worked on getting our passport stuff together. We ended up watching a movie and falling asleep early.

Saturday, Matt had an eye exam (Thanks to me because I made him make one!) His vision is pretty much the same. I also talked him into getting new frames because his old ones were tied together with a piece of wire, PLUS there was a deal to get the frames! Anyways, since we were already there, I decided to order myself some new lenses but keep my old frames since they are cute and in good shape. We should get them back within a week or 10 days.
Around 4 P.M. we headed down to San Diego to go to the BBQ. I was around a lot of people that I did not know. Matt knew most-all of them, so I was extremely out of my comfort zone and just sitting there since basically everyone knew each other.  The hosts of the house made some awesome BBQ! We had 2 different flavored grilled chicken, buffalo chicken dip, crackers, brats sausage hot dogs, and ribs! I have never had ribs my entire life until that day. Let me tell you something, they are delicious. I would definitely like to make them sometime! I don't even think they are that messy, or at least these weren't.
We ended up sleeping over their house since it was late by the time it was all over with, plus we both had a few drinks and didn't want to drive. They were such great hosts and their house was pretty awesome! In the end, I am glad we decided to go. It was a nice time and I might have met some potential friends. The girls want me to go out with them this coming up Friday while the guys sit home with kids, we shall see.
Sunday - was our lazy day. We slept the majority of it and then watched t.v., laundry. It's basically our typical Sunday.
(unfortunately I don't have any pictures from the weekend... I'm slacking, I know!)

Today, Monday, was my final exam. I think I did pretty good. I'll know hopefully before the end of the week on how I did.
Check out all these notecards I wrote for the past 8 weeks of this class:
This is the entire stack. I am unsure of how many notecards are there, My guess is close to 1000 because I know for sure I have written 600.

Notecards against a ruler.

Measures up to 8 inches exactly.

I also received my contacts today that was ordered last week!!
I finally just gave in and bought some. I can tell lately I've been missing sentences or struggling reading. They weren't suppose to come in until the 26th, so I am happy they arrived early.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Früli And A Fire

If you've never had a Früli (Fru-lee) must try to find one. It's a Belgian beer that has a strawberry flavor. It's more of a girly drink, but who cares if a guy decides to drink one, especially if he's handsome

Matt said it reminded him of champagne. It kind of does remind me of that flavor after he had mentioned it. Especially because it mainly tastes of strawberries while sipping and after taste, the beer is hardly noticeable. But nevertheless, it's still labeled as a beer and is tasty. It's alcohol percentage is only 4.1% but keep in mind, that is more than a bud light! ;)  

How did we get this beer? I took Matt to a bar in our town that has all different kinds of imported beers from all over the world. It's very awesome. It cost a whopping $8 per bottle, but if you're only having one to sip on - I would say it's not a bad price. 
How did we come across this bar and drink? Well, my neighbor and her friend invited me out because it was her friend's birthday; which, I would say she is not quite my friend, but more of an acquaintance. But anyways - back to the story: They invited me out for dinner and drinks. So I went. We ended up at that bar/pub after dinner and my neighbor told me that, "I need to have a Früli!" So, I got it.. and liked it. I told myself that whenever Matt comes back home, we would go there and I'm going to make him try one. 

It's a cool place and we probably will go again just to try out some other beers. Afterwards, we went out to dinner at the Macaroni Grill. It was delicious. Then, we came home and had a fire out front with our fire pit. It was a nice night to be outside with a warm fire next to you. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Are You My Mother?

Happy Mother's Day!
I love this book. I actually own it from when I was a child. I thought it fit this post perfectly since today is Mother's day. Although I don't need to be searching for my mother, because I know exactly who she is and where she is.
My mom is a wonderful mother that any child would be lucky to have. I don't know how I got so blessed to get such a great mom, but I really am thankful. It is hard to get upset or be mad at her, and whenever that does happen, it doesn't happen for long. Her love is unconditional and you truly can feel it. She is so caring to everyone and has the sweetest personality. My mom is always willing to go that extra mile to make someone feel important and to help whenever possible. She is always there when I need her if I'm upset, mad, or frustrated. She's a wonderful listener. She can always help lighten the mood and put a smile on your face. She has taught me many life lessons and    little things in life as well. She has taught me how to forgive, forget, respect, care, honesty, trust, and most importantly - love. She has worked hard throughout her life from overcoming a tough obstacle when she was younger to raising 3 kids, working, college, and holding down the fort while my dad served overseas. She is a fighter and I love that about her. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have been here today and I am so happy I am because I was able to be raised by her and find love in my life. So, Thank you Mom! I truly love you more than I can express in words. I just hope when I become a mother, I can be half the mother you were/are to me, my kids will definitely be lucky to have you as a grandma.  Matt loves you just as you love him. He is lucky to have you as a mother-in-law, for you love him as he is your own son. You are just as happy for me whenever he is able to be home and just as sad as me when he needs to deploy/training. I know he knows this and sees this. I hope you have a great Mother's day with Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa. You deserve all the happiness on this day. I miss you and love you so much. Oh yes, and your a fabulous cook! I love anything and everything you make and bake.

To my other mother, my mother-in-law.

 I see how you have raised Ricky, Matt, and James over the past 7 years and you have done such a great job. I'm sure there are rough times and hard times, but every family goes through struggles you handle it all so well. You have taught your boys about life, respect, what's most important in life(family), and love. I am more than positive there are other little things that have been taught as well. I can tell you, that whatever you said to them or however you raised them before I came into the picture, it has worked on Matt and I see it. He is a great man, so loving, warm, caring, willing to lend a hand to anyone, and loves to share a conversation with anyone regardless or wealth, race, or ethnicity. That is something which cannot be learned in school, but by a great mother. Matt loves you very much and has the highest respect for you. In his eyes and heart, you cannot be replaced, nor would he want to replace you. You have encouraged him to do well and supported him through everything. Now, as for me - you have been there for me when Matt went through boot camp, updating me on his current situation, available to talk, helped me with getting a job at the good ol' IHOP and most importantly, welcoming me into your family as if I had already belonged. I thank you for that and allowing me to have your son. I love you and miss you as well!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Thought-Out Plan

First of all, can I say my husband is so romantic and really tries to go out of his way to make me happy and feel loved!
The past week, Matt told me he knew the exact date and time he will be coming home but he's not telling me since he wanted to surprise me. Cute, right? So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday went by. Thursday I continued my normal day, went to the facility. Matt was texting me throughout the day like normal. I was on my way home, opened the garage, opened the door to the house and I noticed all the lights were off and it was warm in the house. When I left, I always leave a light on so I can see since I don't get home until after sunset and I haven't had the heat on in a long time. So I was a little creeped out....
Until I saw a flickering light and there was my husband. Standing in the kitchen with the most adorable smile on his face filled with excitement. I was really surprised. I didn't think he was home because there was no evidence in the garage. But he was there. It was a great surprise...and even better when I walked further into the kitchen. He had the table set up for a dinner for 2 by candle-light with red and white roses, dinner already ready and wine on the table. Even the napkins were folded in half to perfection.  Love love loved it.
I had to turn a light on so the table could be seen, but it was very romantic with lights off.
 All this for me! Dinner was great, he made pasta salad. We had a nice evening which then, I received not so pleasant news about Matt deploying in September for 6 months. (Seriously the Marine Corps does not want us together and it totally sucks. sucks. sucks! Especially because all my friends are moving over the summer and he's gone during all the family orientated/loving months...Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines. and I'm going to be alone, all alone.) But you know what, I could have let it put a damper on the mood, but there really is no need to stress and worry about it right now when it's months away. I don't want to take away the fun and exciting times that I have with him we have together. So, I will try not to worry about that deployment until August or really whenever we find out more information on the date. I know this probably will help him for the next promotion, he'll get more ribbons, and then maybe whenever he comes home we can move to the East Coast. But, I am really thankful we get to spend a summer together, though....first time in 4 years.
Our plans are to:
  • Spend every moment possible with each other
  • Beach a lot
  • A REAL honeymoon
  • Complete as many items on our list as we can in a short period of time.
  • Not let the little things bother us

In other news:
Osama Bin Laden is dead! Hooray. There is a sense of peace and hopefully a sign of this terrible war will be ending soon and we will have things in our hands. I can only imagine how the families who lost a loved one in the war or during the tragic event of 9/11 are feeling when they heard the news. I would think, it would help with a sense of closure.

Happy belated Cinco De Mayo. I am a day late, but like I said above - I was working, and then came home to a wonderful surprise.

I got a 100 on my paper, 101 on my quiz last week; reason why more than 100 is because I got the bonus question correct, and 96.5 on my test. Who's good? Me!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bring On The May Flowers!

It is guaranteed to be a busy month for me. I have a lot of school-related-stuff going on. Also, this is the month Matt will finally be coming back home from WTI. I have a few friends out here (mil. wives) whose husbands are also coming home this month from overseas. So, that's exciting! One of them actually lives right next door to me. So, we might pop over for their party that she invited us to.

Here's how the month of May looks as of today:
May 2- Test/ Lab hours
May 3- Quiz
May 4-6 Facility (also Matt comes home sometime around here)
May 8- Mother's Day (remember to mail out something or call)
May 9-Test/ Oral presentations due/ Lab hours
May 11-13 Facility
May 16-Final exam
May 18-20 Facility (20th is half-day working, other half is graduation - YAY!!)
May 28- State exam a.k.a. the-cloud-that-is-always-hanging-over-my-head (it is most important thing this month it's simply either pass or fail and I'll know right then. So that will determine if my Memorial day weekend will continue to be good or not)
and if that's not enough - in between all that, I am reading, studying, cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and loving the hubby.
Insert: big kudos and props to my Mom for going to college and getting her Bachelor's degree while holding the fort down at the house with three kids while my Dad was away overseas or training. Talk about a full work load. 

Of course, there are a few birthdays in this month; which, means I will be mailing things off and find time to gather items up and send those off that I've been meaning to do for months now. Sorry to those people, and those people will know whenever they do get a package from us.
On a side note - I am LOVING Britney Spears new songs. Go Brit! I just may need to update my ipod soon, but that's definitely on the back burner.

And if you felt that I made this post because I was procrastinating about studying and re-reading for my test tomorrow, then How Dare You! are absolutely right. Ha, ha. So I now will close this up by saying that writing out this month's schedule actually helped me realize how little time I have and  to prepare myself for what could be the start of my new career!