Friday, May 6, 2011

A Thought-Out Plan

First of all, can I say my husband is so romantic and really tries to go out of his way to make me happy and feel loved!
The past week, Matt told me he knew the exact date and time he will be coming home but he's not telling me since he wanted to surprise me. Cute, right? So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday went by. Thursday I continued my normal day, went to the facility. Matt was texting me throughout the day like normal. I was on my way home, opened the garage, opened the door to the house and I noticed all the lights were off and it was warm in the house. When I left, I always leave a light on so I can see since I don't get home until after sunset and I haven't had the heat on in a long time. So I was a little creeped out....
Until I saw a flickering light and there was my husband. Standing in the kitchen with the most adorable smile on his face filled with excitement. I was really surprised. I didn't think he was home because there was no evidence in the garage. But he was there. It was a great surprise...and even better when I walked further into the kitchen. He had the table set up for a dinner for 2 by candle-light with red and white roses, dinner already ready and wine on the table. Even the napkins were folded in half to perfection.  Love love loved it.
I had to turn a light on so the table could be seen, but it was very romantic with lights off.
 All this for me! Dinner was great, he made pasta salad. We had a nice evening which then, I received not so pleasant news about Matt deploying in September for 6 months. (Seriously the Marine Corps does not want us together and it totally sucks. sucks. sucks! Especially because all my friends are moving over the summer and he's gone during all the family orientated/loving months...Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines. and I'm going to be alone, all alone.) But you know what, I could have let it put a damper on the mood, but there really is no need to stress and worry about it right now when it's months away. I don't want to take away the fun and exciting times that I have with him we have together. So, I will try not to worry about that deployment until August or really whenever we find out more information on the date. I know this probably will help him for the next promotion, he'll get more ribbons, and then maybe whenever he comes home we can move to the East Coast. But, I am really thankful we get to spend a summer together, though....first time in 4 years.
Our plans are to:
  • Spend every moment possible with each other
  • Beach a lot
  • A REAL honeymoon
  • Complete as many items on our list as we can in a short period of time.
  • Not let the little things bother us

In other news:
Osama Bin Laden is dead! Hooray. There is a sense of peace and hopefully a sign of this terrible war will be ending soon and we will have things in our hands. I can only imagine how the families who lost a loved one in the war or during the tragic event of 9/11 are feeling when they heard the news. I would think, it would help with a sense of closure.

Happy belated Cinco De Mayo. I am a day late, but like I said above - I was working, and then came home to a wonderful surprise.

I got a 100 on my paper, 101 on my quiz last week; reason why more than 100 is because I got the bonus question correct, and 96.5 on my test. Who's good? Me!


  1. I'm glad Matt is home again. Matt did good, nice surprise! Enjoy every moment together. You are always welcome to come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year everyone is going to be at our house for Thanks Giving,even aunt Marsha.

  2. Great test scores, I know it was a lot of hard work. Pat yourself on the back, better yet have Matt give you a big congratulation hug. Love Dad

  3. Little bit of fact; Osama Bin Laden & Hitler were killed on the same day, May 1,1949 & May 1, 2011.

  4. OHHH!!! I LOVED THIS! How sweet is Matt! I thought maybe it happened yesterday bc I didn't see anything from you on FB.. and as far as his deployment, I'll be out there by then so you'll have a little bit of company!

  5. Thanks, Dad! I am happy Matt is home too. It's definitely nice having him back. It was a great surprise. I was actually thinking about flying there for Thanksgiving and Christmas just so I wouldn't spend it alone. We'll see whenever we get closer. That's awesome everyone is at the house for thanksgiving this year... I just might have to go!! I knew that fact - I had posted it on my facebook and I believe I told Mom that fact too.. I don't remember. But that is a really interesting fact.

    Kari - :) he's definitely sweet. Yeaa, I wasn't on facebook much yesterday because of school/facility and then Matt came home. Yes I know im so happy you'll be over here and that you'll be near!

  6. what a sweetie!!! Im so happy that he is finally home but i am super bummed that he is leaving you again!! We love you both and miss you both!