Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 7 Military Challenge

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 7: Post a picture of a wonderful friend that you've made because of your S.O. being in the military.
I have made a handful of wonderful friends while being stationed out here in California. These girls have been there for me during Matt's deployment and are still there to talk to when I need someone who will understand.
From left to right: Amanda, Me, Jen T.,Kayla, Kristin, and Erica. I am holding Erica's Son, Alex and Erica is holding Kristin's son, Carson.

These are my main close friends that I have met while out here that have been there for me whenever. I have other friends, but there are more of distant friends since I am not as close as them as the others.
Kristin moved in April back to their hometown since her husband got out of the military. She was my close friend and we had so much in common. Her husband always thought we were long-lost sisters since we had so much in common and would act the same or had the same response to most things. Kristin and I both saw that too. I still consider her one of my close friends although we are miles apart and don't talk as often as we use to but that doesn't matter. I do miss her and her adorable, sweet little boy, Carson!
Then there is Amanda. She is moving next month. We are actually having a going away party the second week of June for her. She is the backbone that holds all of us together by hosting game nights or family nights at her house on Fridays. At one point, all of us ladies had our husbands gone so Friday nights were mainly called ladies night because we would sit around, eat good food, watch girly movies and talk. She is a good friend and will be missed.

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  1. It's nice to see you made so many friends. You were always a likeable person growing up. Love Dad