Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 1 Military Challenge & Cleaning Spree

I am going to do a 30 day military challenge blogging post in honor of my husband. I decided to start it now since there is exactly one month left until hubby's 24th birthday! So, for every day I will write a post answering a question that deals with him and the military. Of course, I will still update about our life and anything exciting going on in another post or in the same post like I did with this one.

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 1: Post a photo of your military S.O. (significant other) and list 10 facts about him.
This photo was taken in Afghanistan 2010.
And here's a recent picture of Matt with his new glasses

  1. He was born in Jersey and moved to Florida when he was around eight years old. 
  2. Matt loves Reese's peanut butter cups. If you have Reese's around and don't want them to be all gone in a sitting, make sure to hide them!
  3. He is a middle child. He has an older brother and a younger brother 3 years apart.
  4. Matt has been in the military since July 2005, right out of high school.
  5. Matt buys all his clothes from Express (I don't blame him, good sense of style)
  6. He really wants to get a Harley one day.
  7. Matt has deployed 2 times on land already, but this year he is deploying on a MEU; making it his 3rd deployment.
  8. He likes dogs more than any other animal.
  9. He wants to start a family soon (and of course, me too.)
  10. His birthday is the longest day of the year. (no really... it is. He was born on June 21)

Cleaning Spree! We cleaned the house from top to bottom and the feeling is incredible! I haven't been able to keep up with the house as good as I normally like to due to the high demand of studying and school work, but now that I graduated yesterday, I have more time.
Anyways, back to cleaning.. we crossed item #64 of our list: Play music really loud while we're cleaning and dancing silly.
Matt even managed to sweep the garage and back porch, re-arrange his tools, and wash my car.
And then we treated ourselves to Panera Bread; which, we haven't had in forever because we never knew where one was...until today: 11 miles away, ekkk!

Side note: Big Happy Birthday to my brother, Aaron!

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