Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend, Matt and I actually did something that we normally don't do on the weekends. We went to hang out with some friends and had a BBQ. Usually we are in our own world by doing something at home, or going to do something outdoors but just us two.
Friday, we did stayed home. We worked on getting our passport stuff together. We ended up watching a movie and falling asleep early.

Saturday, Matt had an eye exam (Thanks to me because I made him make one!) His vision is pretty much the same. I also talked him into getting new frames because his old ones were tied together with a piece of wire, PLUS there was a deal to get the frames! Anyways, since we were already there, I decided to order myself some new lenses but keep my old frames since they are cute and in good shape. We should get them back within a week or 10 days.
Around 4 P.M. we headed down to San Diego to go to the BBQ. I was around a lot of people that I did not know. Matt knew most-all of them, so I was extremely out of my comfort zone and just sitting there since basically everyone knew each other.  The hosts of the house made some awesome BBQ! We had 2 different flavored grilled chicken, buffalo chicken dip, crackers, brats sausage hot dogs, and ribs! I have never had ribs my entire life until that day. Let me tell you something, they are delicious. I would definitely like to make them sometime! I don't even think they are that messy, or at least these weren't.
We ended up sleeping over their house since it was late by the time it was all over with, plus we both had a few drinks and didn't want to drive. They were such great hosts and their house was pretty awesome! In the end, I am glad we decided to go. It was a nice time and I might have met some potential friends. The girls want me to go out with them this coming up Friday while the guys sit home with kids, we shall see.
Sunday - was our lazy day. We slept the majority of it and then watched t.v., laundry. It's basically our typical Sunday.
(unfortunately I don't have any pictures from the weekend... I'm slacking, I know!)

Today, Monday, was my final exam. I think I did pretty good. I'll know hopefully before the end of the week on how I did.
Check out all these notecards I wrote for the past 8 weeks of this class:
This is the entire stack. I am unsure of how many notecards are there, My guess is close to 1000 because I know for sure I have written 600.

Notecards against a ruler.

Measures up to 8 inches exactly.

I also received my contacts today that was ordered last week!!
I finally just gave in and bought some. I can tell lately I've been missing sentences or struggling reading. They weren't suppose to come in until the 26th, so I am happy they arrived early.


  1. Glad you had a good time at the BBQ. Smart move not driving home that night. C.H.I.P. looks for DUI's intensely over the weekend, special leading up to Memorial Day weekend. I'm Happy you and Matt are taking care for your eye sight. The new lenses may help you with the CNA state exam. Love Dad

  2. Why are you getting passports? Are you planing a vacation? Love Dad

  3. Oh, I believe they do. They have been cracking down for awhile. CHP is pretty strict. I am sure that the contacts and glasses will help with the state exam. I know I have been misreading things. We are getting passports because we are trying to go on a vacation to the Dominican Republic next month. Matt just has to attend briefs prior to going, but that takes only 2-3 days max. So we are going to try and book within the next 2-3 weeks so we know for sure we can go before we pay and something comes up with his work.