Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 10 Military Challenge & Memorial Day

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 10: Post a picture that you or your S.O. took on webcam or cell phone. 

Wow, we have so many pictures that we have taken through a webcam or over a cell phone. The first half of our relationship was long distance (4 years) and then since we've been married, more than half of that has been long distance as well, due to deployments and training.

Here are two pictures that he recently sent me through cell phone while he was at WTI.

I also want to remind everyone as they're celebrating on this day that it's not just a day off work, it's a day to remember all of our military members, veterans and the ones who lost their lives. Thank you for your service. 
So far today, Matt and I have been watching a t.v. series, made a run to the store to pick up a few things for dinner. Later, I believe we are going to have a bonfire.

By the way, hangover 2 is hilarious. We both thought it was funnier than the first hangover.


  1. People definitely do forget why we have Memorial Day off and I'm so glad you posted this as a reminder! Thank you to your hubby for serving our country and keeping us safe! :)

  2. Yay!! Thanks for keeping us safe Matt!! I've been looking for more posts, I've been enjoying your 30 day challenge

  3. @ Mommie couture - You're welcome and thank you. I will be sure to tell him! I know he feels that he is not a "hero" or "special" in anyway for the job he does, but everyone does make a difference. Some people really do forget about that day as a remembrance and more as a day off.

    @ Jessica - Matt appreciates it and says thanks :) I just posted 2 more posts from the 31st and today's (the 1st). I'm glad you like it.