Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 4 Military Challenge & Water Softener

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 4: Post a picture of the family he had to leave behind to protect his country.
This was on our wedding day. His side of the family; brothers, cousins, grandparents, uncle, aunt, parents, and me.
In the near future, the family he has to leave behind will grow from not only me being at our house but also a baby. Of course that's not happening anytime this year.

In other news: We got a water softener for our house! I have wanted one for quite some time now because the water on base here is horrible. How it happened? Well, Matt was washing the cars, a guy from Rayne water company came up to him and asked if we had one and if he didn't then if he could have a minute of Matt's time. So Matt listened to what he had to say, showed where it would be located, etc. I was upstairs cleaning when Matt told me to come down and then I talked to the guy. I already know about water softeners because my parents have one and it really does make a difference, but Matt wasn't sure of it until the guy had explained it and sold him on the idea. So, we signed up for it. 
Even though there is a grammatical error on their sign (it should be families NOT familys), I still am okay promoting the company on my blog.
The company is not only for our base, it's world-wide. So, if you're looking into water softeners, you can go to this link instead of the one listed above.

 Two days later, one of the installer guys showed up and installed the water softener tank in the garage, and then the water tank and drinking faucet to the sink. It is such a great deal and it requires no maintenance from us! They do everything!
Tank out in the garage. our water faucet that is clear, cold drinking water. Tank underneath the sink for the faucet.

Also, I would like to give a shout out to Sweet Child O'Mine. Jessica and her Husband, Michael, (Matt's cousins) had their second baby today. A baby boy named Lucas Michael.  Kalen is now a big brother! Congratulations on being parents again. He is so precious! Cannot wait until I can meet him.


  1. Water softners are so great!! Thanks for the shout out!! We can't wait to see y'all again.

  2. You two have a water softener too? It truly makes a difference. My hair is starting to love me again and I'm starting to love my dishes, haha. We cannot wait to see you guys too. It's not easy living far away from family!