Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stars Before My Eyes

Sorry for the lack of posts. I guess you can say not much has been happening lately. Then again, you could say a lot has been happening.
On the 18th of Friday, Matt's friend, Matt, got in town to visit for awhile. So he's been here for 6 days so far. It's been a pretty good time.

Basically Friday and Saturday they both played Call of Duty all day, a.k.a my love-hate relationship.
Sunday, was a busy day. We woke up and headed to L.A. for the day. It was okay. A little breezy out but no rain. I would love to go back up there again with just Matt and I so we can do the more touristy stuff like a wax museum, Hollywood tour, Universal Studios tour, maybe a nice dinner out, the clubs, who knows. Probably would spend the weekend up there instead of constantly driving back and forth. I think I would like that..and maybe Matt would too.
While we were up there on Sunday we: looked around the shops at Rodeo Dr, walked around Hollywood Blvd, drove down Sunset Blvd (nothing too exciting), saw the Kodak Theater (they were actually setting up for the Oscar's next Sunday), Went to the Hollywood sign, tried to find Venice beach but ended up at Santa Monica pier where we walked around the boardwalk and had dinner.

This was on the corner of Rodeo Drive in  Los Angeles.
We saw quite a few of expensive cars. Matt says thinks he will own one, one-day.

Our delicious cupcakes. Matt got the s'more and I got a Samoa cupcake. Mmm! I want another one.

I didn't take that many pictures as I would have liked to, but I was having a moody day so I didn't feel up to it. BUT next time we go, I will be sure to take a lot more so I can have great memories for scrapbooks later down the road. Plus, I don't think that L.A. or Hollywood area is all what it's hyped up to be.  With all that being said, I am not crossing off #66 hiking up to the Hollywood sign or #50 going to L.A. off our  list. 

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  1. It looks like you had a good time in LA. Enjoy all the moments while you can for the years go by faster then you know.