Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Blog, First Post

Well, I had a blogger account but it was my own personal blog that I used for when I was taking a particular college course. I decided to forget about that old blog and start a new one; since technically, I  we do have a new life together. Not a really a full blown-out exciting life, ha ha- but a new life that we're happy with and at times can be exciting!

Where to start? I suppose an introduction of who we are.
 The Lacey's
  • We're in our twenties.
  • We have been married for 2 years; together for 6 years
  • The Mr. is in the military(Marines), so we get that advantage of meeting new people and exploring new places.
  • I am working on what I would like to do in life: starting up school for a CNA next month
  • We live in California for now
  • No pets or kids yet
 I would say that's a pretty good introduction of the two of us. We don't need any creepy stalkers.

I really wanted to start a blog awhile ago so our family and close friends are able to be apart of our lives as we move, travel, cook, re-decorate, make the cutest babies in the world (Ha ha.. only kidding for now) and whatever else we like to do.  It would be too long and too much for me to post if I went back from when we first started to date, moving away, and to where we are now. So I'll try to do a quick recap of it by photos.

Started dating October 2004
Left 9 months later July 2005 for boot camp
Came back 3 months later October 2005 as a Marine

Time went by, we continued a long distance relationship....
November 2008 he asked me to marry him
January 2009 we got married (small courthouse type wedding at the house)
He deployed in March 2009 to Iraq
6 months later he came back and we were so happy to be reunited
December 2009 we made a cross-country trip. We moved ourselves to California
We moved into our first house that month
We had a "real" wedding a year later in January 2010 in Florida
We purchased my first NEW car together in January 2010
We experienced Vegas for a few days in February 2010
Then he deployed again, this time to Afghanistan in March 2010
7 months later, he came back and once again, we were happy to be reunited

It's been 5 months since he's returned from his previous deployment. During the time he has been home, we went to Six Flags, picked out pumpkins at a pumpkin patch, hiking, celebrated Halloween in downtown San Diego, went to Vegas (again) in November for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, made a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, flew to Florida to visit family for awhile in December, I was in my best friend's wedding in December, had a great Christmas, and celebrated our 2 year anniversary together. We have done other little things too but those were the major ones. 
Also, since he's been home: In November he went to Yuma for 3 weeks (work)
Currently, he's in 29 palms for 6 weeks (work)

Well, I believe I said all I need to say in this post. Sorry it was longer than I had originally thought, but it's only because this was the first one. I will try my best to continuously update that way the posts aren't lengthy. 

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