Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Holy Ham!"

Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen! I, Bridget Lacey, cooked my first ham tonight. Well, not a full ham, it was only half, but that still counts. I was holding off on quite a few weeks to bake it. That ham was just too intimidating. It still was at first, but with a few helpful suggestions from a couple of cooking websites, it wasn't THAT bad. Way easier than cooking a turkey, that's for sure.
The whole time the ham was cooking in the oven and even when I did put the glaze on it, I still was worried that the ham wasn't going to turn out right.  But when I took it out, and after Matt had sliced it - we each took a bite and it was D E L I C I O U S! Oh so yummy. I think if I was to cook it any longer, it might have been dry. But I think for my first time, was definitely a success! 

So, last night we had honey-glazed ham with a side of homemade mashed potatoes. 
The first step I did was put 1 TBS of flour into a large oven bag. Then I put the ham inside of it and closed off the bag with a twist tie.
Stabbed the top of the bag with 6-8 holes.
I put the ham on 325* for 10 minutes. 
Then, I took the ham out.

When I took the ham out, I sliced the bag down the middle and sides so the ham was exposed.
I cut it in a diamond-shape.
In each diamond I put in a whole clove.
Then, I smeared 1/8 cup of prepared mustard.
After the mustard was spread on, I put a generous amount of brown sugar on top. About 3/4 cup
Once you have the brown sugar sprinkled on, then apply about 3 TBSP of honey.

* The earlier you put the glaze on the ham, the more the ham will soak it up and you'll be able to taste it more.

Then I put the ham back into the oven, this time I raised the temperature to 375* until it was done. 
I took it out, and then I told let Matt do the carving.

I had more ham on my plate, I just forgot to take a picture right away. My stomach couldn't wait. 

After dinner, Matt and I watched t.v. while we sipped on some Jarhead Red Wine and enjoyed a box of chocolates.

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  1. Well, cooking your ham for the first time was a success. That is great for you, and it looks good too. I remember my first ham that I cooked. It was about four years ago when Aaron came for a visit. Well, let's just say, "Ham Jerky" Yea, that's right. Aaron didn't want to hurt my feelings so he said it was really good. Molly didn't even want to eat it.