Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feeling That Urge

I feel that urge to work on a few crafty projects this weekend. I have quite a few in mind. I can think of at least 5 right now. So, tomorrow or Saturday I'll be making a trip out to the stores in search of the items I need. Of course I'll post the projects once I'm finished* (that way I know it actually turns out cute ha ha)
*Unfortunately, I am unsure of how many of those projects I can post, since some projects are going to people. Once they receive them, then I'll post it.

Other than waiting for Matt to come back home and starting on projects, I have been keeping up with my 7 week 5k plan. I have been doing pretty good, I think. I have a goal in mind for completing a 5k and that is :drumroll: less than 28 minutes. I ran a 5k last year in May within 28 minutes, so this year when I run a 5k with Matt in April, I want to do it in less than 28 minutes. I would L O V E if I got my time down to 26.5 or 27 even - we shall see. I have awhile to perfect it. I'll be updating on this in a few weeks when I'm finished - only 2 more weeks left, yay!

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