Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 29 Military Challenge & San Diego Fair

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 29: Post a picture of the coolest place you ever got to go because of your S.O. being in the military

I haven't really gone anywhere that is considered cool since I've only been married to Matt for 2.5 years. The only places I have been is North Carolina and here, in California. Even being a military child, I never traveled anywhere cool.  So far, the coolest place that I have been is Las Vegas and I guess I could say that is because of Matt being in the military because we only live 5 hours away.

Yesterday, Matt and I went to the San Diego Fair. I went last year with a group of girl friends whose husbands were deployed also. It was a lot of fun so I was really looking forward to it this year so I could take Matt. It's a massive fair that I've only seen 1 other fair as large as this one. Matt and I rode on only about 4-5 rides. Every ride required so many tickets! We also played a lot of games; which, we won 3 stuffed animals. 
While we were there, Switchfoot was LIVE in concert. Talk about awesome, right? I attended my first concert! It was so cool to hear a band live and to see the crowd sing along, jump up and down, and sway their arms! I really want to go to a concert where I am in the crowd next time. I got a few pictures and videos, but unfortunately they didn't turn out that good due to the camera we own.
We stayed there from 730 P.M. until right before it closed at 1130 P.M. I want to go back again already. I enjoy fairs, but I guess there is always next year too!
He won me a black angry bird! On the other games, We got a despicable me guy and a puppy.
Fun house slide (fun house kind of sucked, to be honest!!)
He was so close to shooting out the entire star. If he did, we would have won a bicycle beach cruiser!
On the ferris wheel!

Hope everyone's weekend is going well. I'll update tomorrow on what we did today. I don't want to overload the post with pictures and Matt gets annoyed because it's lagging up his game he is playing online. Oops, ha ha.

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  1. Looks like you had fun at the fair. It make me very happy to see you happy. Enjoy life, don't let the small things get in the way. Love Dad