Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 24 Military Challenge & Craft Projects

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 24: Post a picture of your S.O.'s favorite sports team.
His Favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens! 

Remember the post where I talked about mailing out cards and packages? Or the one where I was making a craft project for someone but couldn't post until that person received it? Well, that person was Danielle from The Ullrich Family Adventures blog. She's Matt's cousin and had her baby girl 3 months ago from today. The gift was for her baby shower, but I had to wait until she had the baby so I could get picture of her and the time/date, etc. Well, enough talking - Here are the two projects:
P.S. Don't mind the bad photos, the lighting wasn't great.

This is how it looks hung up on the wall.
Another view off the wall.
Scrunched up pink ribbon by sewing in and out. Date, Time, Weight, and Height written on white paper with pink layering underneath. It's hard to tell, but around the photos are dashed white lines.
Up close on some detail. Her name tied up with ribbon that's tied around the letter G.
Here's the 2nd framed photo hung up on the wall
Up close on detail
Up close on baby. It's hard to tell but that's white fabric. The brown dots in the middle of the flowers on the words is actually brown string that I knotted over and over again.
Another view of Baby. You can kind of see it better how the white fabric is frayed on the edges.
Up close on some other details. White lines were stenciled. White fabric with brown ribbon and a button.   And then the flower punch-outs with a button and bow.
*Clicking on the photos will enlarge them so the details can be seen better.

So, there you have it...what I was working on and keeping a secret for awhile. Oh and the colors match the baby's room. Yes, I know, I'm good!
Now that I am spilling all my secrets, I do have a confession to make.... I had them hanging up on our walls in the house for a couple four days before I finally gave in and put them in the box to get shipped. 

Psst - I already have a new project I am working on... and you'll never know see it in the next coming week or two. Here's a slight hint:

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