Saturday, June 25, 2011

There's An App For That

Yes, I am talking about the iPhone. Matt and I were eligible for upgrades on June 9th. Well, I technically was back in April but I decided to wait. I told myself if I passed the state exam; which, I did and you can read about it here, that I will finally get my phone upgraded to an iPhone. So, yesterday evening Matt and I went to the At&t store to get iPhones. We were looking at getting a refurbished one since it's way cheaper but they don't carry any at the store and so we calculated it out and it would have been the same price to get the brand new iPhone 3 at the store. (Online it's 19.99 but then you only are under a 90 day warranty so you would most likely want to buy an additional warranty and then the sales tax is on the full value of the phone which I NEVER knew before!) I was really looking at the iPhone 4 in the beginning since it was $99 but the only difference is:
1.) facetime that I will hardly ever use
2.) 2 more megapixels
3.) a little bit faster processing system
4.) the width is slightly different.
5.) HD recording which would probably be hardly used as well

And once we learned that we would have to pay sales tax for the full value that iPhone 4 for $99 would be more like $150. And the iPhone 3 from $49 would be $99 so without hesitation we got the iPhone 3.
We are officially in with the times by having a smartphone! Although, some might think we are behind since we don't have the iPhone 4 and especially whenever that iPhone 5 is out in the market we will be 2 generations behind.. oh no! what will ever happen! (sarcasm much?) We are definitely in love with our phones though. It was a great purchase. We played around with them, added apps, and just text each other because we can do that. After we got our phones and our phone cases (which seemed to take about 2 or so hours in the store)
That is really what our phones look like with the cases on. 

we went out to dinner to celebrate since Matt never got to do that with me yet. We went out to eat at Outback and had a great dinner. I cannot remember the last time that we went out to eat at a restaurant. We don't go out often since I mainly cook most of the nights. Plus, eating out frequently can rack up some money!

AND on top of that... I think summer decided to come to California! Check out this weeks forecast
That is the hottest temperatures it has shown since last summer.

pssst - what are some apps that you cannot live without or loving having on your phone?


  1. You didn't get a different colored case? I bet the next thing I see is an IPad on your blog. Well, some of the apps I can live without on my phone are all of them. I don't really have any use for them, lol. I am glad you got the phone you wanted. Do you have a facebook app?

  2. No, I didn't get a different colored one. I really didn't like any of the other ones and I am fine with the black one. It's really protective and durable unlike some of the ones I saw. I had a black case on my last phone too. Nooo definitely it won't be an Ipad on my blog. We have our laptops and a desktop - we're good with anymore technology! Yes I do have a facebook app.