Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birthday Pictures Galore!!

Yesterday was my husband's 24th Birthday! It's hard to believe that he is already 24 since the last time that we spent his birthday together was when he just turned 20. And it's even harder for me to believe that I've known him since he was 16 years old! Time has gone by fairly quickly. He is really excited to be home for his birthday.
16         -------------->          24
We didn't go out for his birthday or do anything too "special" for his birthday either but I am sure we will over the weekend. Instead, today I tried to make the day special while he was at work. I decorated our kitchen as if we were having a birthday party (I have no one else to celebrate for! ha, ha.)
I baked all day for his favorite dish, baked ziti! This was my first time making it and only my second time making homemade pasta sauce or as Matt calls it, gravy. I was worried that it might not turn out okay or great, but surprisingly it was awesome and Matt loved it. He labeled it "my best dish by far to date!" (you can find the recipe and almost all step by step instructions in this post). 

On top of baking dinner during the day, I also took time out to make him a cake and used homemade frosting, etc. (Recipe found here).

I really do treat him so well and love him a lot. I try to let it be known by telling and showing through my actions so I really wanted him to know it on his birthday. Of course, there is ice cream to go with the cake with the option of chocolate or vanilla!
And then what do you do after cake and ice cream? PRESENTS!
He loved all of his gifts. He was surprised when I bought him one of his favorite growing up video games, Duke Nukem.  Matt also received a new gaming headset that is 100x better than his old one. His old one is the standard cheap one that comes with the xbox. He has had that one for so long and it sometimes gives him issues when he's playing live during games. We hooked it up last night while he tried out his new video game and it is awesome! Makes me want to play just for that fact.

Aside from the gaming world, He got a bundle of rock climbing gear; which, including Evolv shoes, a harness, a bag to put his harness in (or whatever), Belay rappel, Carabiner, and Chalkbag! He cannot wait to get out there to use it! Who knows, maybe we will do that this weekend. 
Hail to the king Queen, baby!


  1. Matt looks like he had a really good birthday. Boy, you spoil him. Poor dad never got that from me. We had children from day one and didn't have the funds to spend like that. Enjoy it while you can because once you have children all your money goes towards them. Bridget, your dinner your baked looks good, and the cake looked delicious. I wish I had some of that cake right now. Does Matt have any cake left? We had leftover Ziti tonight. It was even better the second night. I didn't give any Ziti to Molly tonight since she got sick last night. Her poor little stomach can't handle strong stuff. Does anyone else follow your blog? I like the way you put details or step by step in your directions. You do such proficient work.
    I love you,

  2. Matt did say he had a great birthday. He also said that he needs to stay home for birthdays more often since the past couple times he has been deployed and not really experience all of it. I do spoil him because right now we have no one else to spoil. But you're right, we are getting it all out of our system of things we want while we can before we have any kids. Thanks Mom. Glad your baked ziti came out good too. It definitely is better the 2nd night. For some reason, all pasta italian foods seem to be better the 2nd night. We still have about half the cake left! I would send you some but it will probably be nasty by the time you got it. Yea, i wouldnt give molly anymore of that type of food..just dog food. I think other people do follow my blog but not all write comments. I don't know how often people read either. Thanks for that comment. I love you too