Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 30 Military Challenge & Just Like Dad & Beach

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 30: Post a picture of your favorite military spouse support group and tell how it has helped you.
I talked about a group of my friends in this post. They have helped me get through Matt's last deployment and just whenever we get together we have a great time. Although, 3 of those girls in the picture has already moved.

In other news...
Today is Father's Day, so I would like to just say a few words to my dad and my father-in-law on behalf of Matt and I.
Dad, you have been there for me everytime I needed you. You probably would not agree on everytime since your career in the military had you traveling every so often away from family, but you did your best to be there for me and my sister and brother. You raised us to have good morals and to cherish all the moments that we have with our family and friends. To not let the little things bother us or hold grudges against others. You taught me that life is only so long and that I need to live every day to my fullest. I can't take life for granted, nor should I. You taught me as long as I keep trying and never give up, I'll never fail. And, even if I were to fail, you wouldn't give up on me and try to encourage me to keep going. I know it was hard to give up your "little girl" to another man, who is also in the military, but you did because you know that love is rare and you wanted me to be happy. I know all you want is for me to be taken care of and happy. You have brought Matt into the family as if he were your son. You two get some bonding time in when we come to visit. It's nice to see you do that and treat him that way, and it's nice to see Matt enjoys the time as well. I will always count on you and know that I always loved you first. Not only am I Mom's "baby", but I your "little girl".You have a special place in my heart and I love you! We hope your Father's Day is a day of relaxation and maybe a side game of golf.
Rick, Dad #2, you are such a great role model for all your sons. Matt loves spending time with you, bonding, and sharing memories. I can tell that since he was younger and even a little bit now, that he has tried to be "just like dad". Because of you, he is strong-willed, caring, and a manly man but with a loving heart. He can always rely and count on you for any advice or suggestions when it comes to life, home improvement, or mechanical issues. He knows nothing is just handed to him, but he has to earn and deserve it. He really loves you and still looks up to you today. I know whenever he has a kid of his own, he is going to try and imbed some of the things he's learned from you into his own daughter or son. We really are thankful for all you do for us or have helped us out with the future. You have welcomed me into your family as if I were already your daughter. Even when Matt was at boot camp or deployed, you always would welcome me over for dinner or hang out with the entire family for cookouts or on the boat. We love you and miss you. We hope your Father's day is a day filled with laugher and love from the family around you.
This is becoming quite a long post, but I promised in yesterday's post that I would post pictures of what Matt and I did yesterday. We went to the beach. Instead of going to the same one we normally go to (on base), we decided to just drive down to another beach. So without anymore writing, here's the pictures:


  1. Thank you for the wonderful words. It has been a blessing watching you grow, learn & become a beautiful person. I feel very lucky that all three of my children called me on fathers day. I am proud of you-all every day of the year. Love Dad