Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 12 Military Challenge & Hello June!

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 12: Post a picture of a book you are reading or have read because of your S.O. being in the military and tell how it has helped you.

I really haven't read a book yet that has helped me with Matt being in the military. I have a few books that I might start to read because I have wanted to in the past. I actually requested a sample of the books to Matt's Nook before I purchase it just in case the book is not what it's all made out to be. (I love his Nook!)
Here are some of the titles:

Welcome, June! I cannot believe that it's another month into the year. This year definitely has went by quick compared to last year. The reason I think this is true, is because Matt is actually home for the spring and summer unlike the other 3 years. This month my hubby turns old 24! I think this summer him and I will have a great time being able to finally enjoy it together and explore California more. 
Apparently, this month, Florida wants our money too because we got hit up with Matt's registration renewal and my driver's license renewal. And why are passports so darn expensive? Some things just have me think; something I'm great at doing.


  1. You both worked hard over the past five months and deserve some quality time together. Sometimes the most rewarding and memorable times are the least expensive. Enjoy the summer! Love Dad

  2. Thanks Dad! You're right, sometimes the least expensive are the best. I know that we already have a few things we would like to do for the summer planned out in our heads. Love you too