Thursday, June 23, 2011


Split the V (clap, clap) Dot the I (clap, clap) Swirl the C (clap, clap) T-O-R-Y, T-O-R-Y....VICTORY (clap, clap) VICTORY (clap, clap) VICTORY!

Yes, I still remember a cheer back from when I was a cheerleader years ago. And I just LOVE how it still fits in perfectly when things in life go so well...especially, today.

I PASSED my CNA state exam. That means (drum roll) I'm an official Certified Nursing Assistant!
Passed Written
Passed Skills
Equals 1 happy Bridget

So, from now on, I would like to be called either CNA Bridget, Nursing Assistant Bridget, Bridget the CNA, Bridget the Nurse Assistant, or Bridget will still be acceptable too :)


  1. Congratulation! Next LPN then maybe RN. Love Dad

  2. Thanks Dad. Yea, possibly RN. I would try to do the LVN program out here but since it's about 2 years long, I don't think i'll be able to get in and out quickly enough. I cannot transfer the program either, so I think I might have to wait until we PCS to another base. BUT I can go make sure I have all my prerequisites taken care of. I am going back in the Spring to do the Home Health Aide!