Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 16 Military Challenge

30 Day Military Challenge - Day 16: Post a picture of your favorite piece of jewelry that your loved one gave to you and why is it your favorite?

If you know my husband, you will know he is the king of spoiling me when it comes to jewelry anything. But, he does a great job when he buys me jewelry. I love every single piece that he has gave me whether it was for Christmas, Wedding, Anniversary, or just because.. I love them all.

One of my favorites, is the heart diamond necklace he got for our 2nd Christmas we spent together of December 2005. I still where it every day to this very day.
I loved my other cross necklace so much, I combined both of them to one necklace. (I think it goes hand and hand anyways)

And my other favorite piece is, of course my wedding ring and band.
It's not the greatest picture or quality of my rings, but it's probably as good as it's going to get with the cameras we have.

Our weekend was pretty laid back. We really didn't do much except for go bowling on Friday with two other couples.  So yes, the rest of our weekend consisted of sleeping, video games, t.v., scrapbooking, and sleeping. Oh and we did go grocery shopping yesterday. 

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