Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quick To The Point

I got a job! I'm excited that I am making the first step into my new career. It's quite exciting and nerve-wrecking too. It's just a lot to take in, but I'm ready for the experience that is going to come along with it. I'm happy I will be back into the workforce after taking time off.

I had my interview yesterday, I was interviewed twice within the same day and then hired on the spot. I didn't expect it to happen all that quick, but pleased that the process is over with. Who would have thought the first place I would apply to, I would get a call from just a few short days later and then hired? Not me.. I guess timing is everything.

Once I left the place, I wanted to call my husband badly to tell him about it or just go show up at his work but unfortunately that couldn't happen :( It's those little moments that you really miss your significant other.

I also knocked out two birds with one stone... Get a job was on my New Years List and Our Baby List


  1. I am not surprised. You are an intelligent, charismatic and articulate woman. People are drawn to your friendly personality and inviting smile. You have outstanding work ethics; trustworthiness, dependability and leadership quality. This is only the beginning of your new career and résumé in health care. I am always proud of the woman that you have become. Love Dad

  2. Thank you Dad for those nice comments. I love you too.