Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three Year Anniversary

Well, has it been busy around here for me. I started up my school, I have doctor appointments, and tomorrow orientation all day for my job, then start regular working hours for it.  I have to admit, I slacked on the gym this past week.. but I hope to pick it up again really soon. I also am trying to finish up my husband's next care package so I can mail it out this week. They take such a long time for him to get them, this last one has been about 17 days already!
But, enough of this.. onto the post at hand.

It's mine and my husband's 3 year anniversary. I feel like him and I have come so far in these past 3 years. It's our first anniversary that we have had to spend apart and it does break my heart. I woke up in bed this morning, and just wished I could have woke up to him and I telling each other happy anniversary face to face.. instead, I just quietly said "happy anniversary" out-loud to him hoping wherever he is in that great sea out there, that he could hear/feel it.  During these past 3 years, we have dealt with a lot, good and bad, but no matter what -- in the end we truly do love each other more than anything and would do just about anything for each other.

This past week, and especially today, I have been thinking back on the day he asked me to marry him, and then the day we decided we were going to have a small private courthouse wedding at my parents house. It was so sweet to just have his parents, his eldest brother, and my parents to witness something so special. I still remember how nervous I was, but mainly out of excitement and how calm he was. When he recited his vows to me, it brought tears to my eyes because I knew then - we would always be together and he meant every single word being said.
I love his smile you can see off the corner of his mouth..

Then a year later after that, we had our big wedding at the church/reception. It was nice to have a formal wedding where we could share it with friends and family. We had such a blast, that we didn't want it to end.

No matter what life will throw at us, as long as we are in it together, we can take on anything.  I love you so much, Matthew. I hope to hear from you soon.. it feels like it's been too long. Please stay safe out there. I can't wait until we are able to be together again. I miss you and I love you.... always.

 First year anniversary shot

Second year anniversary shot

(It's a tradition that we made up.. each anniversary we take a shot.) So, today I'm going to go buy a shot to carry on that tradition even if we aren't able to do it together.

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  1. The three years have gone past quickly. You & Matt still have many happy moments ahead of you. Life is like a river, it's always moving and changing. Love Dad