Friday, February 3, 2012

Anniversary Package

Since last Tuesday I have been busy every single day. Whether it's an appointment, school work, finishing up Matt's care package or going to work! Working 12-13 hour days only allows so much in between time to work on anything before having to go to bed and work another 12 hour. But, I cannot complain because I am working now :) I cannot believe it took me so long to get back into a career, although I don't regret waiting to get a job because I have been able to enjoy the time with my hubby when he's not deployed or training.

Anyways, I thought I would post a few items that I made and sent Matt for his anniversary care package now that he finally received it a few days ago and that I made time to finish writing this since it's been in my drafts for the past 4 days haha.

 So one of the crafts I did was embroider this pillowcase for him. It's a boy and a girl long distance sending love letters in a bottle across the ocean between them. 

 Up close detail on the bottle 

 Pillowcase on a pillow and yes it's meant to be slanted a little bit

3rd year anniversary is the year for leather as modern or glass for traditional but since he's deployed I figured leather was the easiest route so it wouldn't be ruined. I made him a picture frame with one of our wedding photos inside. 

 A few things I put in one of his anniversary package. Mainly gifts.
 Anniversary box with some quotes

Another anniversary box but this was filled with all food


  1. You are every creative and talented, must have got that from your mother. I’m sure Matt appreciates every care package that you mail to him. Most likely Matt is the envy of all his shipmates. It’s obvious how much you love him. Matt is very lucky to have a wonderful wife at such a young age. People search for years praying to fall in love with someone as special as you. Love Dad