Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine Crafts Overload

Okay, so this blog is going to have quite a lot of pictures just because I had a lot of Valentine ideas to send to Matt.. Even though Valentine's Day is over with, I still thought I would share so you can possibly make these for next year.

Well, this is an easy gift idea if you're planning to give to a lot of people. I bought some Valentine bags and ribbon, then filled each bag with a different candy (conversation hearts, candy corn, jelly hearts, lollipops, m&m's, and peanut butter m&m's) Then I labeled each bag so it's easy to identify what to grab.

I found these little containers at the dollar store and thought they were so adorable. So I filled these two up to put them in Matt's package for himself.

Small gift box/bags make perfect Valentine's gift to put candy in or a sweet little gift. 

  I made some homemade rice krispie treats and then used a cookie cutter to shape them into hearts. I wrapped each of them up individually and then tied it with some ribbon.

 Using my cricut machine, I cut out some hearts and leaves and then I glued the lollipops onto the hearts and taped the leaves on the stick to act as if it were a flower.

Adding to the cuteness, I put a little note saying "you make my heart blossom"

 I cut out some butterflies and then poked a hole in the middle then placed a blow-pop in the hole.

Note reads "you give me butterflies"

 I cut out some large flowers, cut a hole in the middle then stuck a tootsie pop in the hole.

I put them all into a container so they would keep together and wrote "open your heart to love"

I made peanut butter blossoms and instead of using hershey kisses, I used dove heart chocolates. 

 Trace your hands then cut it out and write on the front "I love you.." and then with a long 1" piece of paper fold it into a bi-fold and write "I love you this much" and then glue it to each side of the hands.  I wrote in the inside "I love you this much x10"

 Take a deck of cards and then hole punch 2 hole and tie it together with ribbon or use ring clips.
Then write out 52 different things you love about your significant other, cut and paste onto the cards.

  Box #1 - all the bags and multiple candies for everyone.   the googly eyes are for the message ""eye" love you"

 Box #2
Box #3 - This is Matt's own box.


  1. I said it before and I will say it again. Matt is a lucky guy. Love Dad