Monday, October 10, 2011


#67 Go to a few sports games.  Check!

Okay so for the day I became a fan! Our friends had asked if we wanted to go with them and we took up the opportunity. Unfortunately, the Ravens (our team we like) will be here in San Diego to play against the Chargers in December but Matt will be gone :(  Definitely would be awesome to go see that together.

This was our first EVER tailgating and football game. It was so much fun!! So much, that I would definitely go to another. Matt and I took so many pictures, but here are a few.

  (Here's a good picture for those of you who were wanting to see a face-on shot of my hair.)
 These are our friends Kyle and Sarah.

Coin toss

Someone got engaged! Or, at least I hope she said yes.

San Diego Chargers won. As well as the Ravens (as you can see from the scoreboard!)

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