Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cross It Off

So, I haven't yet written about what Matt and I did during his leave before he deployed or even a few weeks before then, but we actually have been crossing things off our list without even realizing it. It's actually fun to see how much we have accomplished this year since we wrote it out.

We took a hike around Lake O'Neil. It is just right on base, but it's scenic with all the trees around. They actually host racing events throughout the year there. Part of #49
Well, we did go to Vegas again (4th time)! We went during his leave and enjoyed ourselves. We were able to see two shows. The Peepshow with Holly Madison (which was awesome!!) and Cirque Du Soleil Mystere.  They both were great shows. So, that was #21 on our list. Hopefully when he gets back home, we will know whether or not when or where we will be moving to.
Oh, and while in Vegas, we got a couple's spa! I totally recommend getting one even if you're ticklish because I am so ticklish but after 5 minutes, it didn't phase me anymore. This was my first massage and it was heaven. I loved every minute of that hour! Matt enjoyed his too, this was his second. We both had a nice time in the spa. That was #60
(Unfortunately, we didn't take many pictures in Vegas)

We went to the shooting range. I think this time, Matt shot better than me unlike our last visit. Those brand new corrected eyes of his! Either way, we really had fun with that. I always walk out of there wanting to do law enforcement, but I don't think that will ever happen. #35

During his last month home, we also managed to: go to the movies (a lot), miniature golf, bowling, pumpkin patch, rock climbing, and Seaworld (we can get in for free 1 time every year). A few pictures are posted below.

 Not too many pictures of Seaworld due to camera battery died.

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