Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mini Tree Skirt

Today's post is all about making the Christmas tree a bit fancier by adding a tree skirt. In my hubby's care package, I added in a small tree, lights, decorations (Tree and non-tree related), tree skirt, a star, and mini candy canes so that their work center could celebrate the season right! The stores did sell tree skirts,  but they were $5-7 and since I figured that it's cheaper to make and pretty simple, I took a trip to Joann's.

What you need:
9x12 felt square
Cute trim/Ric-Rac
Hot glue gun/hot glue sticks

What you do:
First take your felt square and draw a circle as big or small you feel like it should be to match the size of your mini Christmas tree.
Next step, cut along the line of where you drew your circle. Then make a slit almost halfway through the middle of the circle. This slit is so you can wrap it around the tree.
The circle doesn't have to be exactly perfect because we are adding on cute ric-rac to make it more festive, but you want it pretty even. Now, start hot gluing on the ric-rac along the edge of the border starting from one end of the slit until you reach the other side.

That's it! Isn't is so pretty? And just because, I added a few angle pictures of how it looks with a mini Christmas tree.

(Don't mind the background mess, It's the only way I can really work on Matt's care packages lol)

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