Friday, December 2, 2011

Rudolph Noses

I love making care packages for Matt while he is deployed. It allows me to bring out my fun, crafty, and artistic side of me. I love making a theme for each individual package and I know he loves opening each one!  Well, since Christmas is coming up and we have to be apart for the holiday, I decided to bring Christmas to him via care package. I thought about almost everything I could that could help bring the holiday season to him. I still have 1 more package to mail out in the next couple of days that he can enjoy.
With that being said, I decided to share some of the crafty projects I included in the package. To start out, here is a simple gift idea that you can do: Rudolph Noses

What you will need:
M&M's red and green will work, or if you want to use red hots instead. (It's totally up to you and what you think the person would prefer).
Small glass jar with a lid, or a cute Tupperware container
Hot Glue

So, this is really simple project that I felt step-by-step pictures wasn't necessary.

What you do:
Fill up your jar/container.
Tie a pretty ribbon around the lid part. Apply hot glue underneath to keep the ribbon from slipping down or moving.
Glue on the label on top of the lid or side of the jar. I wrote in that it contains "red and green noses" but you don't have to write that.

And that's it! It's finished and cute. You can make your own label. Since I'm not the greatest drawer, I figured it was best for me to just find a picture of a reindeer online!

Hopefully hubby doesn't get on and read this! He hasn't received his package yet... hopefully soon though!


  1. You are a such a sweet wifey! I bet it makes his day when he gets something in the mail from you! :)

  2. Aw, thank you so much for that. I really try to brighten his day through care packages and letters as much as possible.