Monday, December 12, 2011

You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Matt finally got his care packages!! Oh how we both were anxiously waiting for him to receive them. continue with the crafts made for hubby's Christmas care package. I decided to make these "Grinch pills" so him and a few other guys he works with can take one whenever they are feeling out of the spirit.

What you will need:
Green mints (I couldn't find green tic tacs anywhere, so I had to settle with green/white mixed)
Hole puncher

What you do:
 To start off with, cut out a piece of green scrapbook paper so that it is bigger than the mint case, length and width.

Then you want to fold that paper in half and take the scissors to the corner edges and cut at an angle and then turn them upward so it forms the shape of an open book. Pictures shown below:

Punch a hole so it's aligned in the middle of the paper near the end opening, then paste on your label of the "Grinch pills" and put the mints in between the paper. Loop the ribbon through the holes you made and tie it off!

Cute, right?

Side note: Like I wrote before, I mailed extras in the package so that his co-workers and friends were able to enjoy the holiday spirit just in case they weren't receiving anything else from anyone back at home. It's hard enough to be separated from loved ones, let alone to not have anything. No way on my book that was happening! What I was NOT expecting though, was getting an e-mail from one of Matt's co-worker/friend saying thank you and that it meant a lot. Ah, the warm feeling of goodness it brought to my heart.

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