Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blog Makeover

December is going by fairly quickly already. I find that I'm always having something to do and now I need to really concentrate for my finals that are coming up in a few days. 
Since I took the executive decision to not decorate the house this year for Christmas (bah humbug lol) I figured I should at least redesign our blog to make it more in the Christmas spirit. I'm still on the fence of even mailing out Christmas cards!

Things are going fine over here in California. I would post more of the crafty stuff I added in Matt's Christmas package but he has not received it yet (I know, right!) so until he does, I won't be adding any more just in case he reads this.
And speaking of that handsome guy, Matt is doing fine too. He's somewhere in that large ocean working. Not too much he can do since he's stuck on a ship,  but I think he is trying to make the best of it. Still no phone call or letters, but at least he has an e-mail account he can access. The only thing that I like better about the MEU than land deployments is that there is more updates on where they are and pictures posted from the actual ship. So it's always nice to read about and see pictures.

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