Friday, November 25, 2011

Sincere Thankful Words

" Today is a day of giving thanks, celebrating what you have in your life and what is good or what good is going to come. Today is a day of spending it with those you love and who love you, sharing memories and moments together with friends and/or family, all coming together, eating delicious food, and most importantly, remembering what is important -- life. You're only given one chance to live, so try to live it as best as you can, take chances and risks, enjoy each day even if all you did for that day was breathe. Let go of grudges and push arguments into the past, because letting it go helps bring you that much closer to better tomorrows.   And as you go on with your Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations of eating, smiling and laughing, enjoying the time spent with family and friends, some houses will have an empty chair at their table where their military loved one should be sitting. Some whom gave up their time and others who gave up their life. So always remember of those who are currently serving and have to be apart from their loved ones and family, and for those who did not make it back. "
--- Bridget Lacey, wife to a Sgt in the Marines, currently serving.

I truly am thankful for so much. I really feel blessed.

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