Saturday, November 19, 2011

And He's Off...

We all knew that his training for the deployment was going to come to an end and the real deployment would be here. So, it has. It came, saw, and conquered. Conquered in meaning it took all the Marines and Sailors away from their loved ones.

We enjoyed our time spent together on his leave that he took before he had to leave. It was the longest he has actually been home since May. Or was it June? That's how much he's been gone for his job that I can't remember, haha. 

Although, this is our third deployment together (one in 2009, one in 2010, and of course this one in 2011), this is the first MEU deployment. So, this is a whole new experience for the both of us. We both don't know what to expect so we shall see how it goes.  All that I know, is that I will miss him greatly.
  I love you, hubby. See you sometime next year
  Nothing beats fake smiles on the day of deployment.

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