Saturday, November 19, 2011

7 for 7

Before Matt left on the deployment, I made him a little gift without him knowing! It was 7 letters for the first week (7 days) he was gone. This way, he at least had something to open since I know that the mail I would be writing and sending wouldn't get to him until the second week or possibly longer. So, when I met him down by the boat the night prior to him leaving, I gave it to him.

I cut out map pieces to fit inside the envelope to make it a nicer background than the plain envelope. It would have been better if I had a world map, but I just used a state map.

 I glued the back piece of the map and then applied it to the inside of the envelope.

 Then, glue the top, and lick the top portion of the envelope and attach it to the front part of the other envelope above.
 Here you can see what I mean about how it's supposed to attach. I also added days of the week to each envelope by stenciling the letters so he would know which to open next on what day.
As to what I put in there? I just stuck little notes in each envelope to get him through that day and then put a little item inside (mainly what we had around the house) that went along with the message.
Once that's completed, fold it up accordion style and tie a pretty little bow around it.

I mean seriously, what's better than Dove chocolates and sentimental letters??

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