Monday, September 24, 2012

No Pressure, No Problem - Part I Honeymoon

There will be other blogs about our trip, but I am breaking them down into events to make the posts a bit shorter.

If you ever go to St. Lucia, you will hear that saying all the time. It could be a simple thing as asking for a water, mixed drink, asking for new towels, etc… the person who is helping you will say "no pressure…. no problem".  And I absolutely love it.  In St. Lucia, the lifestyle is so easy going, happy, friendly, stress and worry-free. It's a great feeling to have, I felt like I was in a whole different world.

When did we go to St. Lucia? At the end of August - beginning week of September. We were there for 10 days and had a time of our lives. The reason going was for our honeymoon. As most of you who read this blog, know that we have been married for a few years now (3 years and 8 months to be exact) but the reason going so late is due to Matt being in the military and gone on deployments each year. I would say it was definitely worth the wait and the time to get there. We left at 11pm on a Tuesday night and got there 3pm on Wednesday. Now, you have to account time change of +3 hours and layovers about 2 hours total for that. but, nevertheless - it was tiring. Plus, once we got there, we had a 2 hour drive just to the resort which was the worst, we never felt so car sick in our lives!

At first we were skeptical about going to a Sandals resort because we thought there would be a bunch of older people there and that we would be stuck at the resort and not being able to do our own thing. I was 100% completely wrong, we both were wrong about an idea we had for it. There were so many options for leaving the resort and so many things to do at our request, and activities to participate in and young couples to hang out with, yea there were a few older couples here and there but mainly it seemed to be newlyweds. Matt and I said to each other that we actually feel old for how long we've been together and married for compared to others who just got married 2 days ago, haha. And let me just say - the staff there was on point. They were beyond friendly, fun, and energetic. They were always around to help if we needed something, as well as being polite. We met a lot of good friends just from the staff alone.

So back to us landing there - we got our luggage, went through customs (which, by the way… traveling out of control only sucks for 1 reason - needing your passport and itinerary so many times and waiting in long lines!)  We waited in the siting room and was immediately served island rum, awesome! We got in a van that would take us to the resort. We ended up meeting another couple and this guy was in the Marines and his name was Matt too (so strange! haha). The ride had so many twists, turns, up and down, but it was really awesome seeing a different country since it was my first time and how people lived… and let me mention - it is really scary how they drive - NO SPEED LIMIT! and it's on the opposite side of the road instead of how we drive in the U.S. I was so excited when we made it to the resort.

Now, onto my story about "No Pressure, No Problem"…….maybe I'll save this for a later post that deals with it more - make sure to keep coming back for that update ;)  

Until then, here are some pictures from our first night there.

Our first dinner at Barefoot By The Sea. It's right on the beach.

 Our starter salad. (all inclusive is AMAZING!)

 His dinner
 My awesome dinner that was almost gone, haha

 Having a drink at the Olde London Pub.

 Some nights they would have a comedy skit, and a live band to follow.  These people are TALENTED beyond belief.

 Enjoying our first night
 Back to the Pub