Sunday, September 30, 2012

Relaxing In St. Lucia - Part V Honeymoon

For day 5 we took it easy and relaxed at the pools and beach, and also did some of the events and activities they have at the resort and took advantage of the free water sports.   Every activity you participate in, you get points for your room. If you get 200 points by the end of your stay, you get a special prize that you cannot buy on the island.  Now, I won't tell you if we got there or not because I'll let you keep reading about our vacation.

Below are some random pictures from that day


 Dinner #5
 Drinking wine on the beach

Day 6, we went out to the local market to go shopping for souvenirs! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures inside the market because we only had a certain amount of time before our driver left to bring us somewhere else, but it was pretty cool.

Their version of Luxor  Lol, Just kidding

Bob Marley showed up

Different payphone. So I made him pretend to call someone

Our sweet bamboo necklaces

Rum truffles --- gross!

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