Monday, October 1, 2012

Party On The Beach - Part V Honeymoon Cont.

Day 6 continued, we relaxed in the pool and ocean throughout the day once we got back from shopping (seen in the previous post), played some shuffleboard and pool volleyball, then got ready to enjoy the beach party BBQ! They set up all the food right on the beach and had serving stations. So delicious! Then, they had a show for us to watch. First, it started out with a live band then they had women come to dance and do limbo, added in some fire and flames for more entertainment.  Also, guests were pulled on stage to interact, and yep… Matt and I were called again! Lol, but that is okay - we loved it.  Below are some pictures from the night.

 7th dinner
 Women dancing, all the women there are just so naturally pretty

 I got called up for Limbo! Each person that did limbo, had to copy the girls move that she would make up. Some of them were pretty funny, especially when the guys would have to do it.

 After they did this for a few times, they went around to other people and asked if they wanted to try… quite a few people did actually! I thought that was neat.

 Crazy right?!

 Afterwards, we went to the bar where they DJ was and we had the time of our life. Seriously, this bar night was something you imagined only happened in the movies. We had fun dancing with a bunch of others, singing songs out loud (reminded me of the scene from 27 Dresses, haha.) and also we learned a few of their island dance songs and moves where at one point you charge at one side of the bar, turn around, and charge again at the other. So fun!

 Our bartender, and new friend, Remy

 Our activities director, new great friend, Julius

Dancing the night away until we could no longer dance

We pulled in one of the servers at the bar/restaurant and told her to join in on the fun…she led the congo line!

One of the best nights that night!


  1. Another great time I see. Boy, that vacation is something you are going to have to share with your children. You sure did a lot on your vacation, more then I ever did. The limbo with the fire did look scary. I certainly wouldn't have tried it.

    1. Yes - every day was a great time. Well when we did the limbo there was no fire, but it was neat to be front row to it all