Monday, October 1, 2012

Last Night - Part VIII Honeymoon

On our 9th day, we did a lot of activities, hung out in the pool and beach for the entire day until it was time for our dinner reservation, then we called it a early night due to leaving in the morning.

 Coconut bowling

Water olympics

 Wendy, another new friend

 Doing the "gallup" dance with Collis and Julius

 Junior and two beautiful ladies

 He is known to make crazy faces so we had to get a photo while we were making our rounds saying bye

We did not get a picture with about 3 other people that we became friends with, but at least we got half of them.
 Come sail away
Comes sail, come sail away with me…. 

By the way.. we got to our 200 points.. we actually had 210!  For our prize, we got a hat that we had all of our staff friends sign and then a mini keychain that had St. Lucia on it with sand inside.

Well, I mentioned in a few posts that during our honeymoon we were able to cross a few things off our baby list so here it goes:  Completed number 11, 30, 63


  1. It looked like you were having fun with the employees at the hotel. Treating others with respect and friendship not only improves their lives, but enhances yours. I am very proud of you. Love Dad.

    1. All of your posts were great. I cannot believe how much you accomplished in such a short time. You met a lot of friends, touched others' hearts, and made a lot of memories to share. I am glad both of you had the opportunity to be able to experience St. Lucia and what it had to offer. Thank you for sharing your lives with me.

    2. Yes we did have a good time with all the employees who worked there. It was a great experience that I never will forget. Love you too Dad.

    3. Thanks Mom. Yes we did do a lot during our stay there. I am glad we were able to go as well.